Hi, I’m HeatherAsh

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I believe in love — the fierce, compassionate, deep love of a warrior of the heart. I believe that we have a choice to use everything in our lives to grow our capacity and presence or we can use everything against ourselves. I love guiding people to become their own best friend and ally — so that all challenges are turned into healing and all obstacles transformed into gold. I bring an open-hearted, inclusive worldview to all of my writings and teachings. I love fire, the color purple, and helping humans get free.

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Meditation Audio

By tapping into the clarity of your heart energy you call in stillness, commitment, and your sacred discernment. Connected with the compassion, love, and gratitude of your heart, you have a vital connection to the grounded awareness that lives within you. 

Ground into your center and expand your capacity with this free downloadable meditation.

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For Women: A Quiz Just for You

Your warrior self is your courage, focus, and commitment; your goddess self is your creativity, fluidity, and receptivity. Take the Warrior Goddess quiz to find out where you are balanced, in excess, or in deficiency of these two important energies.