Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our company is mission-driven and our vision is evolving and deepening, as we are.

We are a circle of vibrant, passionate teachers, leaders, healers, and change-makers catalyzing inner and outer transformation with individuals, communities, and global systems.

Our mission is to blend practical teachings and embodied ceremony to reconnect individuals back into intimacy with themselves and the flow of Life. 

We offer deeply transformational workshops, retreats, power journeys, healing circles, coaching classes, and leadership trainings online and around the world. 

We inspire people to connect to their inner fire and Warrior Goddess power.

Our team is dedicated to becoming an anti-racist company. We are actively working to dismantle the places we uphold white-supremacy and colonialism in the culture of our organization, in our programs, and in our community at large. We vision a world where we are all free.

Meet Team Pixie

HeatherAsh Amara

Creatrix and Warrior Goddess Mama o’ Love

Sarina Harz

Community Magic Maker

Rachel Barbic

Business Manager and Wrangler o' Love

Tara Sol

Warrior Goddess Mentor

Mary Nicosia

Warrior Goddess Mentor, Coach and New Moon Muse

Maggie Gaudet

Best Mother Ever

Christy Gaudet

on sabbatical : )