Coming Home to Your Body with Erica Mather

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HeatherAsh Amara

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A special conversation on exploring our bodies, playing with spaciousness and edges, and celebrating all bodies. Erica and Ash met through the Forrest Yoga community where they fell in love with each other as changemakers dedicated to getting more free. During this intimate conversation, they play with how we can reclaim our bodies, face our fears courageously, and saying YES to what we need–not what the world thinks we need or should be.

Meet Erica

Erica Mather, MA, E-RYT, began teaching yoga at age 17 and now studies pedagogy through education, learning, and leadership. She created the Adore Your Body System, which addresses body-image challenges, and the Yoga Clinic, a place where students, teachers, and health professionals can learn about empowered self-care. Erica is a Forrest Yoga Guardian, personally selected by Ana Forrest to become one of a handful of senior teachers in the Forrest Yoga tribe. She teaches at PURE Yoga in New York City, and maintains a full schedule of Yoga Clinic clients and Yoga Clinic teacher trainings.

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