Which book to read first?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By HeatherAsh Amara

One of the biggest questions we get emailed is: Which book do I read first? So my team asked me to write my thoughts on my eight book children and where to start, or continue.

Let’s start with the most popular by far: Warrior Goddess Training, which was #1 on amazon.com in Shamanism and Goddesses for four years, and continues to be in the top ten of these two categories.


There are four books in the Warrior Goddess Series. I recommend you read Warrior Goddess Training first. It will guide you on a journey through ten lessons designed to help you reclaim your power and become the woman you are meant to be (and truthfully, this book is incredibly beneficial for all genders.)

If you like workbooks and want to go deeper, read The Warrior Goddess Training Companion Book next; get your pen or pencil out and be ready to explore!

Or skip the workbook and read the next book in the series, Warrior Goddess Way. It explores some of the most common places we struggle: relationships, endings, forgiveness, staying steady. It is separated into three areas: Wisdom, Authenticity, and Yes!

For daily inspiration (also a great gift for someone new to the work) have Warrior Goddess Wisdom on your coffee or bedside table. It contains daily nuggets of wisdom: a quote followed by a short writing and a focus for the day.

If you are in any sort of major transition, inner or outer, The Little Book of Big Freedom will give you a new structure to get stable and navigate bumps in the road. It is actually my first book, originally titled The Four Elements of Change. I’m super proud of this little book, which introduces you to the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth,  the four aspects of self, and the four actions to change.

Struggling at work, feel like you never have enough time, or are you feeing burnt out? Then you definitely want to read Awaken Your Inner Fire. I still read this book once a year or so to help me go deeper in sacred time and energy management. It is a manual to creating more ease and energy.

The Seven Secrets of Happy and Healthy Relationships (with don Miguel Ruiz Jr.) is a book about, yup, relationship. All of them. While we do focus on intimate relationships, this will also help you gain tools and skills in all your relating, from self to work to family.

My most recent book, Warrior Heart Practice, introduces a simple, practical process for separating out emotions, story, truth, and intent. You can use the Warrior Heart Practice to untangle inner knots rapidly, and gain clarity on next steps.

Let me know which book is your favorite, or what you are reading now!