Breaking Rules and Sparking Wild, Willing Living with Kyle Finch

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HeatherAsh Amara

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I met Kyle through a dear friend of mine, Matthew Stillman. Sarina and I took his Infinite Play workshop online and then the following weekend I took his in-person Roughhousing Workshop. They were so much fun, invited in courage, and really helped spark creativity to tend to my wild spirit!

In this episode we talk about doing daring things (like disobey and do things imperfectly), listening to Life in new ways, and creating space for more play and willingness.

Meet Kyle

Misfit. Tinkerer. Infinite Player. Kyle Fincham is the creator of Infinite Play, a movement workshop that explores playfulness by reconnecting us with our creative, adaptive, and cooperative potential. Infinite Play workshops are accessible to all misfits, wildlings, and nonconformists. Kyle also hosts Behind the Movement, a weekly podcast where he speaks with movement makers of all types about their stories, thoughts, and philosophies. He also regularly writes articles expressing his ideas and wonderings for his blog. Kyle aims to share and explore this passion for playfulness through all areas of his life, teaching, and art. 

Kyle is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, is deeply influenced by both Tom Weksler and the Fighting Monkey Practice, and was a student of Ido Portal from 2015-2020. Kyle reads often and travels near and far to attend workshops and seminars, expanding his experience of different movement tools, approaches, and philosophies. 

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