Conjuring Magic, Celtic Mysteries, and Midnight Writing with Rhonda McCrimmon

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HeatherAsh Amara

Episode 39

During this deep and delightful conversation with my new friend, Rhonda, we explore spirituality, writing, the “Celtic” Wheel of the Year, and many of the earth-based traditions in Europe, the UK, and the indigenous communities of those areas who were deeply connected to the land. We don’t shy away from topics that break our hearts and unearth what has been hidden.

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda McCrimmon is a Celtic Seer & Shaman from Scotland focusing on creating shamanic pathways for those who have been disconnected from their animist lineage and heritage. She has created a safe, clear pathway for thousands of people to reconnect with their indigenous Celtic roots & find creative shamanic ways to restore a consciously connected spiritual life.

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