A Warrior Conversation of Displacement, Dialogue, and Dreaming with Marita and Ash

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HeatherAsh Amara

WGR Season 3_Marita_Ep 34

During this intimate conversation, Marita Esteva and HeatherAsh share their creation stories of how they became the creative imagineers and magical land stewards they are today. They share their experiences of negotiation, holiness, destruction, collaboration, and creation. Come into this conversation with the elements, working with Warrior energy, and how to deepen in your relationship with the dynamic world we all live in that often goes by unnoticed.

Marita, One Who Catches Lightning, is a formally trained fine artist and filmmaker, a singer-songwriter who has released multiple albums, a published poet, a motivational speaker, metaphysical healer with training in multiple modalities, a guide and mentor to people of all ages and backgrounds, a teacher with years of unique original curriculum, and of course always a student, learner and seeker. Learn more about Marita’s journey and work here.

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