Opening Your Mind to Pleasure and Love with Satya

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HeatherAsh Amara

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During this episode with my dear and long-time friend, Satya, we dive into what it means to love ourselves fully, explore our bodies where they are now, and how love can heal in curious and adventurous ways. Also… pussy tours. Come on a journey with us to our past and also into our present and see how two wild women have danced and deepened with all Life has brought us.

Meet Satya

Satya has been studying, practicing, and teaching sacred sexuality and Tantra for over 30 years. She’s had around 15,000 client sessions, led hundreds of workshops all over the USA and in Japan, and countless people have told her that she changed their life.

Something changes when you are in extended orgasm frequently. It opens a gateway to divine energy. Satya’s life began to flow more easily and joyfully. She attracted wonderful lovers who would say to her (regarding either sexual energy or emotions), “Is there more?” instead of “You’re too much.” She learned to trust in her connection with the universe, and this has taken her to unimaginable realms of ecstasy.

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