Inclusion and Accessibility

Our team is dedicated to becoming an anti-racist company. We are actively working to dismantle the places we uphold white-supremacy and colonialism in the culture of our organization, in our programs, and in our community at large. We vision a world where we are all free. 


We Stand For

  • Activism from love
  • Community connection
  • Compassion
  • Diversity and support for complexity and difference
  • Emotional healing
  • Interconnectedness with nature and ancestors
  • Personal freedom and responsibility
  • Social Justice
  • Stillness and silent knowledge as the foundation for all action


How We Are Taking Action

As an organization, we are learning to leverage our privilege to occupy spaces with love, compassion, and dismantling fear while confronting the ways we participate in white supremacy and colonialism culture. We are actively learning, unlearning, and relearning with the guidance of our Equity and Disruption Consultant, Kimberlee Archie. We’ve been working in-depth to address the areas we do harm and work towards not only harm reduction, but repair and creating a new dream to live from as a company. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we are currently doing:

  • Actively creating more spaces where Black, Indigenous Women of Color (BIWOC) women can shine, thrive, and lead. 
  • Meeting as a team quarterly to review our impact and intent, including next steps in harm reduction and dismantling white supremacy within our company. This was the direct result of our work with Kimberlee Archie at Knowledge+Skills=Options Consulting as well as the Adaway Group’s Whiteness at Work program.
  • Some members  of our leadership team are attending small group coaching sessions with our Equity and Disruption Consultant to repair and restore past harms
  • Assembling our caucus of white women leaders from our community who regularly meet to identify the ways harm is done within our community and creatively develop action plans to disrupt white supremacy, colonialism, and the patriarchy within themselves and our work
  • Gathering our BIWOC women and femmes in our BIPOC Sanctuary Space, which meets bi-monthly. This space is created, led, and curated by BIPOC members of our community. 
  • Our Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training programs ( Level 1-3)  include modules of diversity and inclusion training, included but not limited to: accessibility and physical health, mental health and trauma, equity and racism, appropriation, gender identity, and sexual orientation. In each level we deepen our understanding of these concepts and how to better serve our community and lead from love. 
  • We are reviewing our programs for places where appropriation and harm may be happening and working towards repairing that harm and course-correcting our content.
  • Donating to Indigenous, women-led organizations
  • Incorporating land acknowledgements as part of our programs
  • Give priority to BIPOC women and femmes, LGBTQIAP2S+, and people living with disabilities in our scholarship programs
  • Meeting with BIPOC community leaders to see what we can create
  • We have taken the Small Business Pledge through Rachel Rodgers and the Hello Seven team. 


Where We are Headed

We are committed to doing this for as long as it takes, so we do dig up the roots. We know these injustices and inequities were not created overnight and they will take time to disentangle.  


Our next projects are

  • All recordings will have transcriptions (already implemented for our signature program and in process for the others)
  • Analyzing current policies and integrating anti-oppression into our organizational policy and governance such as meeting structures and compensation
  • Develop anti-racist policies for hiring, including leadership within the organization
  • Investing a portion of our monthly revenue to local Black and Native communities
  • Make our wilderness spaces accessible