Resistance Ready in These Times with Heather Archer

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HeatherAsh Amara

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On today’s episode, Heather Archer and I talk about family dynamics, perfectionism contorting, and detoxing from grind culture. We deconstruct the images of perfection we fit ourselves into and the unraveling of our domestication. We also talk about the rebellion of setting boundaries, being worthy of care and attention, and becoming steadfast in our resistance to grind culture. In this session, we help get back to our center and what is truly supportive to us.

Get to know Heather

Heather Archer is a well-being consultant, sound healer, writer and speaker who has 15 years of experience of cultivating healing centered approaches for institutions geared towards social good. Her work incorporates somatic and growth mindset strategies for recovering perfectionists to thrive at work.

Her healing practice includes a mixture of sound healing, reiki, reflective journaling, mindfulness and chakra alignment. Her first book, tentatively titled, The Grind Culture Detox: Heal from Capitalism, Thrive at Work will be released by Hierophant Publishing in June 2022. Heather is also the Co-Creator of Black Healers Connect, an organization that connects healers across the African diaspora to share ancestral wisdom to restore ourselves and our communities.

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