Frequently Asked Questions

Program Questions

  • Each of these leadership trainings have a different emphasis, though the thread weaving through all of them is the quality and passion we have for supporting humble, compassionate, creative, passionate and self-reflective agents of change.

    Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training is for women who are interested in learning how to facilitate groups and lead classes and workshops; or who want to have more confidence and skills for speaking and teaching. At the end of the training you will be certified as a Warrior Goddess facilitator and have both the inner anchoring and the tools to facilitate a five-part Warrior Goddess class and a one day workshop called Reclaim! This course is both online and live; 7 weeks of online sessions and 1 live two-day workshop.

    The Artist of the Spirit Coach Training Program is for any interested in doing one-on-one coaching, specifically via phone. Facilitated by co-creator Diana Adkins, this 13-week course will take you through everything you need to hold a container for others as a life and spiritual coach. You’ll also learn the powerful tools of shamanic energy work and healing.

    The Firewalk Certification and Coach Empowerment Training is a week-long live course designed to teach not only how to lead a successful and safe fire walk workshops for groups, corporations, or spiritual circles, you’ll also learn the most potent transformative tools available. Whether you are a workshop leader, yoga instructor, or someone who loves fire, this immersion training will spark or blaze your leadership mojo.

  • The deepest dive into the Warrior Goddess teachings is in my 9-month Warrior Goddess Training online circle. We meet via phone weekly, have two webcasts a month (a private group webcast and a larger community call) and you’ll have access to a bountiful website with weekly teachings, videos, and tools that expand on the teachings in the book.

    You can learn more here:

Journeys / Retreat Questions

  • All deposits are nonrefundable, but you can use your deposit towards any future journey.

  • Yes! If for any reason you cannot attend the journey or have an emergency arise during the journey travel insurance can help cover your costs. Learn more by going to

  • Yes, you need to have a passport. Make sure your passport’s expiration date is at least 6 months before the journey.

Book Questions

  • The Warrior Goddess Training book is ten lessons to support women in finding their authentic voice, power, and joy. Warrior Goddess Way takes the teachings of Warrior Goddess Training and goes deeper in specific topics that are the most challenging for women. I took all the questions I received in the year following Warrior Goddess Training and picked the top struggles women shared with me; those answers are in Warrior Goddess Way including chapters on forgiveness, relationships, and meditation.

  • While there is no set way to work with Warrior Goddess Training and the Warrior Goddess Training Companion Workbook, I recommend reading Warrior Goddess Training first, and then going through the workbook at your own pace. With that said, there are some women who love going chapter by chapter through both books. Either way is fine; really see what works best for you.

    The one thing I would watch out for is don’t get stuck on a particular exercise and feel that you can’t go forward in the book. Do what exercises feel right — all of them or none of them. There is so much information in each of the chapters already… the exercises are meant to help you deepen your learning, but they are by no means mandatory!

    I hope you enjoy both books and that they guide you back home to your beautiful, vibrant, sacred self.