Roar Like a Goddess with Acharya Shunya

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HeatherAsh Amara

Roar Like a Goddess with Acharya Shunya

During this talk, I sit down with Acharya about how to roar when the patriarchy is trying to silence us and how to become a modern-day goddess by owning the underworld of our inner landscape. We explore her upcoming book, Roar Like a Goddess, and how to open to our own reverence and devotion.

Meet Acharya

Acharya Shunya is a truth-teller who facilitates authenticity, self-remembrance, and divine feminine pathways to awakening within. The first female head of her 2,000- year-old Indian spiritual lineage, Shunya reinterprets and re- contextualizes ancient teachings for modern times, empowering people everywhere to lead fearless, fulfilled and enlightened lives. She is president of Awakened Self Foundation and founder of Vedika Global, Inc. in California and is the author of bestselling books Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom and Sovereign Self

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