Warrior Goddess Revolution


Conversations and musings to help us get free of shame, fear, and limitations so we can be creative, radiant, wild warrior goddess rebels of love.

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Right-sizing yourself in the world with Kriste Peoples

On any given day Kriste can be found running / hiking in the wilds of Colorado or sharing her passion for mindfulness and meditation. As an ambassador for both movement...

Beyond Perfection: How to Get Unstuck

I got stuck. Here is how I unstuck myself. Let's explode the myths of perfectionism so we can move past procrastination, stuckness, and the fear of doing it wrong.

Welcome to the Inner Revolution

In the first episode of Warrior Goddess Revolution we explore:What does it mean to be a Warrior Goddess?Why our personal freedom is critical to crafting a new planetary paradigmHow to...

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Tune in every other week to be inspired to own your freedom… The freedom to make mistakes without punishing yourself endlessly. The freedom to laugh when you take something personally. The freedom to embody the patience you need to rewire your thinking. The freedom to do your best, without judgment. The freedom to find stillness in the chaos.

The freedom to love yourself fully. The freedom to soar. From my revolutionary heart to yours. Let’s get free and give back.

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Racial Literacy, Trauma, and Wealth in Community

During this episode of the Warrior Goddess Revolution, I talk with one of our first Warrior Goddess Level 1 facilitators, Serena Hicks. This conversation opens us up to letting go...

Happy Warrior Queen Day, Goddesses!

How to embody steadiness and self-awareness while claiming your sovereignty, sass, and stillness. A thirty minute musing of love from my heart to yours.

Relentless Creativity

During this episode of the Warrior Goddess Revolution, HeatherAsh and her best friend Autumn talk about their days being reporters, building community-centered media, and intimate stories about parenting and mental...

Who is Mistreating You Most?

“Love yourself so much that when someone mistreats you, you recognize it.” This quote on the Warrior Goddess Inspiration page as been shared almost 10,000 times and liked over 27,000...

Sacred Evolution with Qi Dada

In this episode, I talk with Qi Dada about her local community in Austin, her passion around spirituality and music, and the sweet spot where these things meet. We have...

Why You Need a Bigger Pot

In this episode, I share about the coming of Spring, gardening, and new beginnings. It's time for us to expand our pot so we have space to grow.
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Soul Healing with Dr. Marie

In this delightful, heart-felt conversation Marie and I talk about bringing your gifts to work, listening to your calling, learning to let go, and holding space for yourself when things...

Slippery Slopes, Traction, and Minding the Mud

Ever have that feeling of slipping and sliding in your life and not able to get going? Today I explored the parallels between my recent seriously stuck in the snow...

Creativity, Trauma, and Simple Medicine

"You know how every once in a while you do something and the little voice inside says, 'There. That’s it. That’s why you’re here.' …and you get a warm glow...