Warrior Goddess Revolution


Conversations and musings to help us get free of shame, fear, and limitations so we can be creative, radiant, wild warrior goddess rebels of love.

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Right-sizing yourself in the world with Kriste Peoples

On any given day Kriste can be found running / hiking in the wilds of Colorado or sharing her passion for mindfulness and meditation. As an ambassador for both movement...

Beyond Perfection: How to Get Unstuck

I got stuck. Here is how I unstuck myself. Let's explode the myths of perfectionism so we can move past procrastination, stuckness, and the fear of doing it wrong.

Welcome to the Inner Revolution

In the first episode of Warrior Goddess Revolution we explore:What does it mean to be a Warrior Goddess?Why our personal freedom is critical to crafting a new planetary paradigmHow to...

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Tune in every other week to be inspired to own your freedom… The freedom to make mistakes without punishing yourself endlessly. The freedom to laugh when you take something personally. The freedom to embody the patience you need to rewire your thinking. The freedom to do your best, without judgment. The freedom to find stillness in the chaos.

The freedom to love yourself fully. The freedom to soar. From my revolutionary heart to yours. Let’s get free and give back.

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Three Steps, Three Sucks

Celebrate, Surrender, Support. Where do you get stuck and where to do soar? Here's a simple method to come back home to yourself and figure out next steps. And here...

Making Meaning with Day Schildkret

A live broadcast with Day Schildkret, one of my most favorite people, to celebrate the release of his new book, Hello, Goodbye.: 75 Rituals for Times of Loss, Celebration and...

The Victim and Judge Dance

The ongoing journey with two main aspects of our selves: the judge who tends to punish, compare, and look for faults, and the victim who feels like it is not...

Killing Buddha with Betsy Chasse

Several years ago I put out a request on Facebook: "Hey, anybody want to pick my up at the Los Angeles airport and drive me to Ojai for an event?...

Adventuring Beyond What’s Known

During this episode of Warrior Goddess Revolution, I talk with Tanya Lynn about leading in creative ways, the bizarre obstacles that take our lives into creative places, and doing our...

Integration and Being Illogical

I don't have time to integrate!I / you / they / the world must make sense!Oh, little mind, you need rest. You need emptiness. You need no-thing. And you need...

Truth-Telling, Emerging Courageously, and Connecting to Our Intuition

During this session, Kelly and I talk about her journey to discover her voice, truthtelling even when it's messy, and listening deeply to our intuition. We talk about how to...
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The Power of Separation

For the past thirty years plus I’ve been creating separation. On purpose.Because separation is a path of healing and reconciliation.We all have trauma, and hurt, and healing to do. Creating...

Racial Literacy, Trauma, and Wealth in Community

During this episode of the Warrior Goddess Revolution, I talk with one of our first Warrior Goddess Level 1 facilitators, Serena Hicks. This conversation opens us up to letting go...