Interdependent Leadership with Chantal Pierrat

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HeatherAsh Amara

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On this episode of the WGR, I talk with visionary, facilitator, and CEO, Chantal Pierrat. During our conversation, we share how to lead others from a new paradigm in a world that it constantly changing. We explore what it means to collaborate, bring in the feminine, be relational, and cheerlead each other in a world that wants us to tear each other apart. We are interdependent. We need each other. And we need leaders who hold core values like creativity, compassion, connection, and community at the heart of leadership work.

Meet Chantal

Chantal Pierrat’s mission is to increase women’s leadership across the globe. She is the founder of Emerging Women, a global leadership and media platform. 

Her ultimate vision is to weave feminine leadership and authenticity into businesses, and to create a world where women have a strong voice in the shaping of our future.

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