Sacred Evolution with Qi Dada

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HeatherAsh Amara


In this episode, I talk with Qi Dada about her local community in Austin, her passion around spirituality and music, and the sweet spot where these things meet. We have an epic conversation on the evolutionary process that happens when we lean into the Mystery and live life fully in our being as visionaries celebrating, dismantling, and morphing. She also shares about their new album, Flowers for the Living and a sneak peek of her favorite song, Magic, where I got to sing back-up.

About Qi Dada:

Qi Dada is one of the Lead vocalists at RIDERS AGAINST the STORM (RAS) and Chief Executive Visionary at Divine and Conjure LLC. She is a civic leader and spiritual leader from the Africa diaspora. She facilitates folks through their heart space and refreshes their imagination–to imagine themselves in places once thought of as imaginable. You can find and follow her at

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