Soul Healing with Dr. Marie

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HeatherAsh Amara

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In this delightful, heart-felt conversation Marie and I talk about bringing your gifts to work, listening to your calling, learning to let go, and holding space for yourself when things get hard.

Marie Mbouni

About Marie:

My journey began with western medicine. After grueling years in medical school, I became an anesthesiologist, hoping to bring the peace and healing I felt called to bring. My drive for work was relentless, and I built a career many would be proud of—but inside I felt dead. I had given up personal relationships and my spiritual health, and my mind and body were paying for it. 

My quest for self-discovery saved me. I embraced a new calling as a shaman, energy healer, and mentor to others seeking a similar path to enlightenment. I had a deep scientific understanding of what it meant to be human. I’ve studied and cared for the body for over 20 years. But opening myself to the power of the mind, the beauty of intuition, and the all-encompassing power of love changed me. I stepped into my destiny as a healer and embraced my potential beyond the confines of the mainstream. 

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