Hey There,
Warrior Goddess

I know you may not feel like a Warrior Goddess some (or all) of the time. But you are. This is your time to claim your Warrior courage, clarity, and commitment and embody your Goddess creativity, compassion, and connection.

It’s time to stop abandoning who you are and step into who you are meant to be.


Even though I may not know you personally, I know you are worthy of love. I know you are a gift to humanity. And I know you probably need a dedicated cheerleader, a loving advocate. I know you are me, and I am you. We are healing, growing, loving, falling down, getting back up again. We are a force that can change the world. We are who we have been waiting for.

In my dream we use challenges and adversity to choose love over fear, and clear action over confusion. We hold hands across nations, across religions, across divisions. We weave a web of acceptance, respect, love, forgiveness. We show up as ourselves, fully.

And we celebrate everything on the journey.

It’s time to bring the real you forward. Not who you think you are supposed to be or who you wish you were.

Sounds good to you?

Join our eclectic, playfully serious community of change makers, phoenixes, and rebels for love. We are warriors for inner peace and goddesses of transformation. So glad you are here!


Celebrating 10 Years Of Warrior Goddess

The day the first Warrior Goddess Training book was released in September 2014 it immediately rose to become the #1 Bestselling book on amazon.com in both the Shamanism and Goddess categories. And Warrior Goddess Training remained the #1 book in those two categories for 4 years. Today the four books in the Warrior Goddess series have sold over 400,000 copies and have been translated into 25 languages. Warrior Goddess Training has over 4,000 5 star reviews and has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women (and quite a few men!) This year to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Warrior Goddess Training Hierophant Publishing is offering a special hardcover edition which will include an all new online Warrior Goddess Bootcamp with author HeatherAsh Amara.

Delve Deeper Into The Teachings

Warrior Goddess Training is one of nine books by HeatherAsh Amara. The teachings are inspired by the cycles and wisdom of the earth-based spirituality and practical, potent tools to rewire our mental, energetic, and emotional beings. We are dedicated to moving from judgment to discernment and from victimization and fear to authentic vulnerability and respect. Our community consists of Warrior Goddess mentors, coaches, and facilitators who create a brave space for personal transformation through both online and live offerings. HeatherAsh and her core mentors are also dedicated to helping leaders, rebels, wild ones, therapists, coaches, and creative visionaries step into a new paradigm of unconditional, grounded, and inspired leadership.


Personal Transformation

Jettison old burdens and claim who you are meant to be. Whether you are in a transition or ready to commit to your authentic self, we've got you.



For the paradigm shifters, creatives, and healers... a pathway for up-leveling into sustainable, unconditional, and wildly wise leadership.



Check out our calendar of upcoming offerings, from online webinars and intensives to live workshops and journeys.

People Say

Claiming Your Unique Warrior Goddess Blend

What does it mean to be a balanced Warrior Goddess? A clue: it does not mean being 50% Warrior and 50% Goddess, but finding your unique blend of these two energies. Take the quiz to find out if you are in excess, deficiency, or balanced in your Warrior or Goddess energies, and get specific support in claiming your authentic, vibrant Warrior Goddess self.


New Book: Wild, Willing, and Wise

Coming July 30th! From author and teacher HeatherAsh Amara comes a revolutionary, interactive guide to the energies that make up the flow of our lives: Wild, Willing, and Wise--a contemporary reimagining of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes.

Whether we realize it or not, our lives are a constant cycle through three energies: the creativity and abundance of Wild, the courage and power of Willing, and the gratitude and surrender of Wise.

HeatherAsh provides in-depth descriptions of the three archetypes, detailing how each presents in excess and deficiency, so that readers can begin to recognize emotional turmoil and hardship as an imbalance of their energies. Combining anecdotes, self-reflection quizzes, simple exercises, and visualizations, Wild, Willing, and Wise teaches readers how to bring the three energies into balance in order to find inner freedom and alignment.



The Inner Revolution

In the first episode of Warrior Goddess Revolution we explore: What does it mean to be a Warrior Goddess and how to combine clarity and compassion.


Beyond Perfectionism

I got stuck. Here is how I unstuck myself. Let’s explode the myths of perfectionism so we can move past procrastination, stuckness, and the fear of doing it wrong.


Interdependent Leadership

How do we bring a new paradigm and collaborate, bring in the feminine, and cheerlead each other in a world that wants us to tear each other apart?


About Warrior Goddess

We are a community dedicated to learning how to be powerful and kind, courageous and creative, inspired and loving. Whether you are struggling with a loss or are just finding yourself, if you feel like you are sinking and need a life raft or you are soaring and ready to go higher, you are welcome here. We work with folks just starting on a healing/spiritual path and with leaders and change makers ready to lead in a more sustainable, unconditional way. Many people say we are the group for people who don't like groups. We are not here to tell you who you should be; we are here to cheerlead and support you to become who you truly are.

Inclusivity/Mission Statement

Our team is dedicated to becoming an anti-racist company. We are actively working to dismantle the places where we uphold white-supremacy and colonialism in the culture of our organization, in our programs, and in our community at large.