Walking through the fire

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HeatherAsh Amara


Sometimes we must simply walk through the flames to reach the other side, for they are purifying and strengthening, even as they burn through our egoic defenses.

If we’ve tried to rise above rather than journey through them, this Moon gets our feet back on the ground and reminds us this time we must walk to where we’re going and learn along the way.

Today is our fifth day of Firewalk Certification Training here in Mexico, so I had to smile when I read this Full Moon’s quote above from Sarah Varcas‘s Astro-awakening.co.uk

While our new firewalk instructors-in-training are learning to lead people across the coals, I’ve been doing my own internal firewalk. This is one of the reasons I love teaching: I’m always challenged to grow and expand, and I get to be supported by the energy of places like Teotihuacan and Peru as I do my inner work of walking through the flames.

Oh, and there is nothing like just having finished a book on relationship to get all of one’s relationship buttons pushed. Yay! (The Seven Secrets of Healthy and Happy Relationship with don Miguel Ruiz will be available Fall 2018). I spent the past two nights doing the final proof of the book, and it is GREAT!

So here are some tips for navigating the extra energy of the full moon and walking through any fires that may be burning in your relationships or your heart…

This is what I’ve been practicing:

• Sit with your feelings first. Learn to not try to fix or change or make them logical. Just be with what you are feeling. Breathe. Notice what and where your emotions are in your body. Breathe.

• Get curious about what story you are telling yourself. Don’t try to figure out who was right or wrong, and do your best to stay out of shame and blame. Let yourself witness the story you have created, without editing it or trying to change it.

• Tell yourself the truth. Once you’ve sat with your emotions and explored the story you are telling yourself, go deeper. What do you know is true? Hint: the truth is always super simple.

• What do you want in this situation for yourself? Pick one word that is your focus for this time. It might be love or compassion or peace of clarity… any word can be your focus.

• Now be creative about what your next little step is, using your word of focus and holding to the truth you’ve discovered.

Throughout these steps you want to keep your focus on what you are feeling and your own story, rather than trying to fix or change someone else. Your power lies in staying with your experience and unraveling the ways your emotions and story have gotten tangled in the past (old hurt and experiences that need healing) or in the future (worries or expectations that need to be released).

This full moon, let things get shaken up within you so you can sort out what serves you and what doesn’t, and make new choices. It’s time to set a new foundation that will hold you steady, step by step.

Here’s to the courage to walk through the fire…

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