Stop Apologizing! Now Say You Are Sorry…

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By HeatherAsh Amara

I used to be the type of person who would apologize if someone stomped on my foot while walking past or knocked into me and spilled my drink.

I’m still sometimes that person. I almost started this blog apologizing for not writing sooner. (I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been busy teaching, writing a new book, and having a really great time with my friends…)

Can you relate?

Apologizing for our very existence seems to be hard-wired into most women at a pretty early age. Not too hard to understand when the predominant religious myth of our culture squarely puts the blame on a woman for being the cause of casting the entirety of all future human generations out of paradise. Whoops. It’s as if we have been apologizing ever since.

So I deem this upcoming week the “Warrior Goddess Unconscious / Conscious Apology Experiment,” AKA Project I Can Take Up Space.

Here’s how to change the apologizing for everything habit.

Part one: Track where you apologize unconsciously at work, home, with strangers. Be curious. Where do you say your sorry without even realizing it? Here are two great articles from writer Gabrielle Moss to prime your no-apology pump.

The No Apology Week: 23 Things Not to Apologize for

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