This is a call to the givers, the pleasers, the helpers, and the tender hearts…
let me show you how to build capacity without self-sacrifice.

Can you hear the whisper (or scream) of this call?

A yearning for capacity building without self-sacrifice.

Transforming yourself as you unlearn the ways you’re “supposed” to be.

Craving a community that helps you feel less alone in the world and more lovingly supported.

Knowing, deep in your bones, there’s something more to life than working yourself to death or living in the pressure to fit a specific mold.

You feel like there is something missing, something just out of reach that you haven’t tried — yet…

The calling is letting you know:
It’s time for you to come back home...


To a home you take care of and prioritize.

A home in a neighborhood of others who are also tending to themselves.

You can create a sacred space within yourself where everything feels just right for you — not where you’ve been or who you’ve been told to be, but who you are NOW and who you are becoming.

A home where you get back to yourself — back to who you were before the world told you who to be.

You are invited to join us for:


with HeatherAsh Amara and the Warrior Goddess Mentor Team

A 90-Day Online Self-Care Immersion 

Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice, 2023


The love and devotion demonstrated through HeatherAsh and her team has been life-changing. As a result of the circle, I’m noticing within myself a significant shift. I have received so many tools to assist my spiritual evolution and I can’t express my gratitude enough.



When I found Warrior Goddess I was very depressed and living a very unhappy and empty life. Now I have more understanding about myself, my boundaries, and what truly brings joy to my life. I no longer feel like I’m aimlessly walking through this life, the teachings have helped me find purpose, and as a result I am happy and in full alignment with my path, my relationships, and my life. Thank you for doing this beautiful work!!!!



I have become part of a community of women whose purpose is to lift and empower each other. We delve into places that celebrate who we actually are in a world that wants us to be something else. We master tools to develop our own belief systems that empower us. We learn to love ourselves a bit more each day and build a life based on living our own truth. 

Beaux Ripnick

This immersion is for Creatives, Healers, Therapists, CEOs, and Leaders (and anyone who could use more inner spaciousness, steadiness, and perspective).

Seasons of Self: Wise is a highly-curated and lovingly-guided journey to nourish inner and outer transformation.

Supportive self-care is not just about bubble baths and solo date nights; what HeatherAsh calls the “sweet things.”

Self-care also requires a balance of these four elements:



Doing sweet things
with playfulness



Doing hard things
with courage



Creating mindful structures that support more spaciousness



Smoothly maintaining your day to day chores with love

This 90-Day Self-Care Immersion will teach you what true, consistent, and transformative self-care looks like.

Come into deep community as we create the space and support needed to reclaim your wholeness and build your capacity to cultivate self-intimacy, steadiness, and stillness in our ever-changing world.

Within this container you will be held accountable (with love) and intimately supported as you say yes to the wisdom of unconditional love, unearth your deepest desires, and express self-care in your own way.

You’ll gently but decisively shed old feelings of shame, guilt, competition, jealousy, and repression.

You’ll get the support you crave to live a fulfilled, meaningful, and joyful life.

You’ll learn how to release self-doubt and sabotage.

You’ll end the drama and negativity in your life and learn to speak and live your truth.

Ultimately? You’ll become the wild, willing, and wise Warrior Goddess you were meant to be.

In all your powerful, healing, exquisite wonder.

As part of Seasons of Self: Wise, you will receive:

SOS Wise _ calls with Ash icon

A four-part Self-Care and Sass: Inner Wisdom series with HeatherAsh (live and recorded)

SOS Wise _ daily email icon

Daily Spark — Short weekday emails with a theme to focus and guide your day

SOS Wise _ worksheet icon

Weekly Tracking Worksheets to help you stay focused

SOS Wise _ community icon

A Dedicated Community Space to help cheerlead and support you, which includes a place to ask questions and get the answers you need to transform your daily habits

SOS Wise _ retreat ticket icon

Autumn Equinox Virtual Retreat to help you set intent and get inspired for your 90-Day Self-Care Immersion (live and recorded)

And included in your 90-day Self-Care Immersion you will also have access to our Warrior Goddess Training Circle. This means your enrollment includes these optional offerings:

  • Weekly Creativity Classes with the Warrior Goddess mentors
  • New and Full Moon ceremonies with the Warrior Goddess mentors, to support you in harmonizing with the wisdom of the moon cycle
  • State of the Revolution Address. An intimate, monthly session with HeatherAsh

You can live your life for YOU.

Join us and learn how to unlock your wisdom, from the inside out.


with HeatherAsh Amara and the Warrior Goddess Mentor Team
A 90-Day Online Self-Care Immersion
Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice, 2023

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Here's What People Are Saying...

An Anchor

Sue shares how the Circle has been an anchor and support system for her throughout the pandemic and how it has been different from the events and retreats she has participated in previously…

Meaningful Connection

Jamie, a therapist and member of the Warrior Goddess Leadership Team, shares about the meaningful connections she has made inside the community…

Meet Ash

"When we bring our attention back to discovering who we are on the inside — not who we wish we were or who we think we should be — we begin a sacred path of transformation toward our innate, authentic, embodied power."

HAA Hands on Heart and Belly_reduced(1)

HeatherAsh Amara is the Warrior Goddess Mama and best-selling author of Warrior Goddess Training, Warrior Goddess Training Companion Book, and Warrior Goddess Way.

She has been leading circles of women into deeper relationships with themselves for over 30 years. She is dedicated to supporting women in developing their self-intimacy, steadiness, and stillness by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of world traditions. She does this through the teachings of Warrior Goddess Training inspired by the many paths she has walked.

Through her workshops and books she offers practical tools she has developed during her studies of European Shamanism with Vicki Noble, Buddhism through being raised in South East Asia, and Toltec wisdom through the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz who she apprenticed with and now co-teaches beside.

HeatherAsh Amara believes deeply in the power of women coming together for healing not just for ourselves but for all women.

She brings this open-hearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings. She can often be found covered in adobe mud on her ranch, dancing around the fire, and deepening into the Mystery.

And the Warrior Goddess Mentors (aka your new BFFs)

Lara Rosenberg_cir

Lara Rosenberg is a Certified International Association Yoga Therapist, Registered Yoga Alliance 500hr Yoga Teacher, Warrior Goddess Facilitator, Apprentice of HeatherAsh Amara, Certified Sundoor Firewalk Instructor, and member of the Global Firewalk Association. Lara uses a blend of Eastern-Western and Ancient-Modern healing practices to embody a deeper connection within Oneself.

Lara day to day helps people break through what they think is impossible and making it possible. Lara has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 25 years. Lara uses a variety of embodiment modalities specializing in yoga therapy, trauma-informed yoga, meditation, iRest® Yoga Nidra, somatic release movement, created VibeAsana™, and other healing modalities.  Lara leads empowerment seminars, Firewalks, Glasswalks, Sound Sessions, drum circles, retreats, and workshops.

In our Circle, Lara holds the element of air.

Naomi Herrera_cir

Naomi Herrera is a truth seeker who is passionate about co-creating safe and sacred spaces for women where they can show up in their full authenticity and shine their magic out into the world.

Naomi is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach and Breathwork Facilitator,  500-hour Kaula Tantra Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker, Co-Author, Motivational Speaker, Retreat Facilitator, and Survivor of complex trauma. Naomi weaves her lived and learned experiences into her work with women so they can rise above their self-limiting beliefs and live their best lives.

Naomi has been coaching for 10 years with extensive experience in various holistic healing modalities that focus on consciousness, intentional living, and self-awareness. She has been studying with HeatherAsh Amara since July 2016 and is a Warrior Heart Facilitator, Level 3 Warrior Goddess Facilitator, Ministerial apprentice, and member of the Warrior Goddess Leadership Team.

In our circle, Naomi holds the element of fire.

Mary Nicosia_cir

Mary Nicosia is the co-founded Sol Healing and Wellness Center in Austin, Texas and now runs The Sun, the Star, the Moon, LLC in New Mexico.

Mary received her Bachelor of Social Work in 2004, and devoted 10 years in the social work field mainly advocating for children in foster care. She earned her Master of Acupuncture at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in 2013. She’s served patients/clients in private practice in both Austin and NW Arkansas.

She first met HeatherAsh in 2010 and after attending the workshop ‘Reclaim Your Wholeness,’ knew she had found the person and teachings that would change her entire life for the better. Over the next 5 years she studied with HeatherAsh in Austin, Texas at Toci The Toltec Center of Creative Intent, attending her 13-month women’s circle, weekly classes and other intensives and apprenticeships. She then became a certified Warrior Goddess Training facilitator and Warrior Heart Practice facilitator and in 2015 completed The Artist of the Spirit Coaching certification.

Mary is also an astrologer and student of the mysteries.

In our circle, Mary holds the element of water.


Sarina Harz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, ritualist, and certified wilderness guide. They have spent the last decade serving clients with chronic medical conditions, facilitating trauma-informed care, and assisting people in getting free in their lives.

Sarina graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in 2006 with a minor in Sociology and Gender Studies. They earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis on Community Organizing and Organizational Management in 2013.

Sarina currently works as a mental and behavioral health therapist, ritualist, and wilderness rites of passage guide. They are also a yoga instructor, where they plan to use yoga as sacred activism to support people in all types of bodies to come back home to themselves and help the collective get free.

Sarina has been studying with HeatherAsh Amara for the last 8 years. Sarina is a member of the Warrior Goddess Leadership Team, Level 3 Warrior Goddess Facilitator, Warrior Heart Facilitator, and Certified Firewalk Instructor through Sundoor Firewalking School.

In our circle, Sarina holds the element of earth.

Here's a recap of everything that's included...

  • Three months of concentrated support and community
  • Short weekday emails with a theme to focus and guide your day
  • Weekly tracking worksheets to help you stay focused
  • A four-part Self-Care and Sass: Inner Wisdom series with HeatherAsh, October 9, 16, 23, and 30th at 5pm Pacific; followed by weekly self-care tools with Warrior Goddess mentor, Sarina Harz (live and recorded)
  • Autumn Equinox ceremony and virtual retreat, September 22 - 24, to help you set intent and get inspired for your 90-Day Self-Care Immersion (live and recorded)

Community and Ceremony

We’re inherently communal beings, and we’re built for ceremony too — this is one reason the modern world feels so weird to us, there’s no ritual built into it! 

The Warrior Goddess Training Circle provides you with the community and ceremony you crave, with New and Full Moon ceremonies to connect you with the cycles, online retreats just for members, Summer Camp and wilderness work, and our private dynamic WGTC Facebook group.


Energetic Pillars of Support

No one supports a circle like this alone. HeatherAsh has called on a glorious cadre of Warrior Goddess mentors to hold and foster each one of the elements, asking for its blessings on our community and those in it.

And of course, some sweet bonuses… 

  • Sanctuary Meditation: Get your journal ready and settle in for this powerful visualization. With this meditation, I’ll guide you to creating a sanctuary just for you.
  • Priority Access to Retreats and Journeys: HeatherAsh leads retreats and live events in New Mexico, Mexico, and Peru that reliably book out within a few weeks. As a member of the Warrior Goddess Training Circle, you’ll get advance notice of when these events are going to occur, and the chance to secure your spot first. Priority access to Warrior Heart Facilitator Training and Firewalk Certification Training
  • First Opportunity to Expand in other Warrior Goddess Programs: an special invitation and discount to join our upcoming Unconditional Leadership / Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training course which begins in October.

Frequently Asked Questions


Community Care


with HeatherAsh Amara and the Warrior Goddess Mentor Team
A 90-Day Online Self-Care Immersion
Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice, 2023