Pushing, procrastination, and right timing

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HeatherAsh Amara


By this new moon I was planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign, rebrand my social media, and unveil a new online Warrior Goddess School. I stayed up late, had meetings with my team and generally tried to make all the puzzle places fit into place.

And then I realized I was pushing too much.

So I took a step back, took a deep breath, and took a chill pill.

Stepping back and releasing the need to push and force and generally make shit happen NOW is not always easy for me. I get an idea and I want to manifest it ASAP.

But over the years I’ve learned that there are miracles that happen when I find the pathway between procrastination and pushing.

When we procrastinate, we hold ourselves back. We resist, make excuses, and wait until the last possible moment to take action. Usually when we do take action it is bound up with stress, high anxiety and a deadline that is looming like a thunderstorm on the horizon.

Sometimes procrastination comes from a simple lack of preparation or clarity on next steps, which can be easy to remedy. But sometimes procrastination comes from a host of agreements that keep us stuck and unwilling to take risks. If you tend to procrastinate, what agreements underlie your actions?

Sometimes pushing comes at the home stretch of a birth — whether a baby, product, launch, or report — when we need that final surge of energy to stretch beyond our perceived capacity to bring something new into the world. But often pushing becomes a lifestyle and we push out of fear or control. This type of pushing causes us to make decisions from stress, make mistakes from haste, and make ourselves sick from worry. Not fun.

If you are a pusher, what agreements underlie your actions?

Now there is nothing inherently wrong with procrastinating or pushing. So don’t make yourself bad if you have a tendency towards one or the other (or both) of these two ways of being in the world. But both procrastination and pushing are usually ways we make ourselves miserable and lose energy, creativity, and intuition.

The remedy is awareness, curiosity, and taking new action. (Note: the remedy is NOT procrastinating or pushing more, judging yourself, or feeling victimized and overwhelmed by the world. Just sayin’. From experience.)

So the moment I became aware that I was in push mode, I got curious. “Is this a birthing push or a control push?” I asked myself. “Have I set up unrealistic expectations, or is this the exact enthusiasm I need to complete these projects?”

If you are a procrastinator you can ask yourself: “What will the end result of this procrastination be? Do I need more information or prep, and how do I support myself to take the next baby step?”

It is always helpful when pushing or procrastinating to step back and get a larger perspective. From an eagle-eye’s view can you explore: where are you going, what is happening in your world, how you are feeling, who do you want to be?

When I took a break I recognized that I’m in that messy phase of cleaning. I’ve metaphorically pulled everything out of the closet and I am trying to figure out how to clear and organize everything so it is more accessible and beautiful. I’ve been taking a Visionary Leadership course and coaching with Stephen Dinan of The Shift Network for the past two months, and at the same time we are in the process of honing and expanding our branding with the expertise of one of our Warrior Goddesses, Jess Sells. These are both big projects, not something to rush, but something to carefully craft, dream into, and explore from many angles.

So while our entire team is excited to share our new offerings and graphics and memes and to introduce you more fully to the new land outside Santa Fe, I’m being patient. One step at a time. All in right timing.

Where could you use more patience, or more power to make your dreams come true (or the next thing on your list)?

Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out some new program sequences, new matching headers on our four main Facebook groups/pages (HeatherAsh Amara author page, Warrior Goddess Tribe, Warrior Goddess Women, and Inner Fire Tribe) new awesome memes, and I’ll be sharing videos and updates from our spectacular 180-acres outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I’ll be camping on the land for two weeks at the end of May with friends coming in to help clear, bless, and prep the land. It is a gift to slow down, listen to the land, and explore the dream of a retreat center where we can all connect with nature, heal, and open to possibilities.

And I have some SUPER EXCITING news coming soon about two newly-visioned community events in 2020 (one on the land!) that I’m still fleshing out… YEEEEE!!!!

Thanks for being part of this journey of individual and community expansion and authenticity. I’m sending you many blessings for finding the pathway of patience, power, and perseverance beyond pushing or procrastinating.

~ HeatherAsh

P.S. I just created a ten-minute video called “Warrior Goddess Discipline.” If you struggle with procrastination or pushing it is a good one to check out. Men welcome to watch as well, it is really for us all! Feel free to share with your friends.

P.P.S. Has anyone told you today that you are a phenomenal manifestation of wonder and wisdom? You are. Treat yourself that way, you phenomenal manifestation of wonder and wisdom…

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