Book Cover for A Little Book on Big Freedom by HeatherAsh Amara

A Little Book On Big Freedom

Air | Fire | Water | Earth

The four primordial elements not only inform our physical lives, but they are also potent symbols for aspects of our inner selves. When we learn to harness their power correctly, they can lead us toward radical personal transformation, or what best-selling author HeatherAsh Amara refers to as Big Freedom.

Drawing on her extensive background in European and Toltec shamanism, Amara deftly explores each of the four elements and explains how they relate to your inner world:

Air: The art of seeing yourself and the world with clarity
Fire: The art of cleansing what no longer serves you
Water: The art of being open and creating space for change
Earth: The art of nourishment and self-care
Packed with exercises and meditations at the end of each chapter, this book offers a clear path to finding your own Big Freedom, one that involves tearing down any inner walls made of fear, judgment, or regret, and building a profound friendship with your truest self.