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Personal information collection

Amara Productions may collect and use the following kinds of personal information:

  • information about your use of this website
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Using personal information

Amara Productions may use your personal information to:

  • administer this website;
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Where Amara Productions discloses your personal information to its agents or sub-contractors for these purposes, the agent or sub-contractor in question will be obligated to use that personal information in accordance with the terms of this privacy statement.

In addition to the disclosures reasonably necessary for the purposes identified elsewhere above, Amara Productions may disclose your personal information to the extent that it is required to do so by law, in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings, and in order to establish, exercise or defend its legal rights.

Securing your data

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Amara Productions will store all the personal information you provide [on its secure servers].

[Information relating to electronic transactions entered into via this website will be protected by encryption technology.]

Cross-border data transfers

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[In addition, personal information that you submit for publication on the website will be published on the internet and may be available around the world.]

You agree to such cross-border transfers of personal information.

Updating this statement

Amara Productions may update this privacy policy by posting a new version on this website.

You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are familiar with any changes.

Other websites

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Contact Amara Productions

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or Amara Production’s treatment of your personal information, please write:

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This document was created using a Contractology template available at http://www.freenetlaw.com.

By purchasing and/or participating in the Warrior Goddess Training Circle (hereafter “WGTC”), you are agreeing to the following terms. Please read this Agreement carefully before purchasing, accessing or using WarriorGoddess.com/Amara Productions LLC. (hereafter the “Company”) proprietary materials which includes any written, audio or visual presentations or documents associated with WGTC.

If you do not understand or do not accept this agreement, please do not purchase this program and do not access any of the Company’s proprietary materials. 


The terms “Company”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to WarriorGoddess.com/Amara Productions LLC. The term “Site” refers to warriorgoddess.com.. The term “Client”, “user,” “you” and “your” refers to clients, client team members (including employees, contractors and other representatives of client and client’s company) and any other users of the site. The terms “Service” and “Program” refers to the services included in WGTC membership as outlined below.

Use of the Service, including all information and educational materials presented herein by Amara Productions, is subject to the following terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply to all clients, and all other users of the site. By purchasing the program and/or using the Site or Service you agree to these Terms and Conditions, without modification, and acknowledge reading them.


The WGTC membership services outlined above are hereafter referred to as “the Services”, "the Circle", or “Program.”

(a) The Services may only be accessed while you are a current paying member of the Program.

(b) Any additional services provided by Company to Client may require additional fees to be discussed and agreed upon by the parties.

Client Duties

(a) Compensation: In consideration for the Services provided by us to you as set forth in paragraph 1 above, you agree to pay us the current program fee at the time of joining as a one lump sum payment for 12 months of access or in monthly payments. If you pay for 12 months in advance, you agree that you will automatically continue to be charged on a month-to-month basis after the first 12 months until you cancel. You understand that you will not receive an invoice reminder for these payments. In the event that any authorized charge applied by us to your card fails, you remain responsible for payment as agreed herein, as well as any penalty fees as detailed in paragraph (b). 

(b) Late payment fee. If any fee outlined in paragraph (a) remains unpaid on the 7th day following its due date, a penalty fee of ten percent (10%) of the payment due will be assessed. We reserve the right to restrict your access to the Services, or terminate your participation in the Services unless and until all outstanding program fees and assessed penalties are paid in full. If your Program fees remain unpaid 15 days after the initial due date, your account will be referred to our collections agency. 

(c) Payment Security and Chargebacks. To the extent that Client provides Company with Credit Card(s) information for payment on Client’s account, Company shall be authorized to charge Client’s Credit Card(s) for any unpaid charges on the dates set forth. If a client uses a multiple-payment plan to make payments to Company, Company shall be authorized to make all charges at the time they are due and not require separate authorization in order to do so. Client shall not make any chargebacks to Company’s account or cancel the credit card that is provided as security without Company’s prior written consent. Client is responsible for any fees associated with recouping payment on chargebacks and any collection fees associated therewith. Client shall not change any of the credit card information provided to Company without notifying Company in advance.

(d) Tools to be Provided by You. You agree to provide all tools, information and documentation that may be required by us to effectively perform said responsibilities in connection with the Services.

(e) Additional Client Duties. You understand that your success in the program is dependent upon your level of participation in the Services. In order to get the most out of the Service, you must also work to implement the tools and strategies learned throughout the Service, and make considerable efforts toward your own personal and professional development on your own time during the term of Services. You are responsible for requesting support from us, if needed.


The term of this Agreement shall begin on the date of first payment for the Services and continue until you or we terminate your membership. 

Cancellation and Refunds

You may cancel your membership in the Circle at any time. To cancel your membership, please email us at hello@warriorgoddess.com and request your cancelation. Cancelation requests must be received at least 72 business hours prior to your next billing cycle. We cannot guarantee the processing of your request if it is not received at least 72 business hours prior to your next billing. You will continue to have access to the Circle through the end of your paid month (ex. if you are scheduled to renew on the 12th of the month, but request to cancel on the 1st, you will retain access until the 12th). No refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

No Guarantees

We cannot guarantee the outcome of the Services and our comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only. We make no guarantees other than that the Services described in Paragraph 1(a) shall be provided to you in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that we cannot guarantee any results of the Services as such outcomes are based on subjective factors (including, but not limited to, your participation) that cannot be controlled by us.


(a) Client Information: Any and all Client information and data of a confidential nature, including but not limited to any and all design, creative, marketing, sales, operating, performance, know how, business and process information (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information”), shall be treated by Company in the strictest confidence and not disclosed to third parties or used by Company for any purpose other than for providing Client with the services specified hereunder without Client’s express written consent, other than to comply with law. Confidential Information shall not include any information which (a) becomes available to the public through no breach of confidentiality by Company, (b) was in Company’s possession prior to receipt from the disclosure, (c) is received by Company independently from a third party free to disclose such information, or (d) is independently developed by Company without use of the Client’s Confidential Information.

(b) Participant Information: Client agrees to keep confidential any Confidential Information, as defined in paragraph 7(a), shared by fellow participants in the Program (herein referred to as “Participants”).  Any Confidential Information shared by Participants is confidential, Proprietary, and belongs solely and exclusively to the Participant who discloses it. Client agrees not to disclose, reveal or make use of any Confidential Information or any transactions, during discussions, on the Facebook group or otherwise. Client agrees not to use such Confidential Information in any manner other than in discussion with other Participants during the Program. Confidential Information shall not include information rightfully obtained from a third party. Client will keep Participants’ Confidential Information in strictest confidence and shall use the best efforts to safeguard the Confidential Information and to protect it against disclosure, misuse, loss and theft.

(c) Company Information: Client agrees to keep confidential any Confidential Information, as defined in paragraph 7(a), shared by the Company in the Program.  Any Confidential Information shared by Company, its employees or contractors is confidential, Proprietary, and belongs solely and exclusively to Company. Client agrees not to disclose, reveal or make use of any Confidential Information or any transactions, during discussions, on the Facebook group or otherwise. Client agrees not to use such Confidential Information in any manner other than in discussion with other Participants during the Program. Confidential Information shall not include information rightfully obtained from a third party. Client will keep Company’s Confidential Information in strictest confidence and shall use the best efforts to safeguard the Confidential Information and to protect it against disclosure, misuse, loss and theft.

(d) Non-Disparagement: Client shall, during and after the participation in the Program refrain from making any statements or comments of a defamatory or disparaging nature to any third party regarding Company, or any of Company’s officers, directors, employees, personnel, agents, policies, services or products, other than to comply with law.

(e) Violations of Confidentiality: Client agrees that if Client violates or displays any likelihood of violating this paragraph 7 the Company and/or the other Program Participant(s) will be entitled to injunctive relief to prohibit any such confidentiality violations to protect against the harm of such violations.

Independent Contractors

(a) Independent Contractor Relationship: These Terms and Conditions shall not render Company an employee, partner, agent of, or joint venturer with the Client for any purpose. Company is and will remain an independent contractor in its relationship to the Client. Company is or remains open to conducting similar tasks or activities for entities other than the Client and holds itself out to the public to be a separate business entity. Company shall retain sole and absolute discretion in the manner and means of carrying out the activities and responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions. Company shall be responsible to the ownership and management of the Client, but Company will not be required to follow or establish a regular or daily work schedule. Company will not rely solely on the equipment or offices of Client for completion of tasks and duties set forth pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. Any advice given to Company regarding services performed for the Client shall be considered a suggestion only, not an instruction. Company and Client agree to conform to any and all IRS tests necessary to establish and demonstrate the independent contractor relationship between Client and Company.

(b) Taxes & Benefits: Company will be responsible for filing its own tax returns and to pay taxes in accordance with all provisions of applicable Federal and State law. Client shall not be responsible for withholding taxes with respect to Company’s compensation. Company shall have no claim against Client for vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits, social security, worker’s compensation, health or disability benefits, unemployment insurance benefits or employee benefits of any kind.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

Client agrees that the Program contains proprietary content (“Intellectual Property”) that is owned solely by Company and/or its licensors and is protected by copyright, trademark, and any other applicable intellectual property laws. Company retains the sole right to use, reproduce, and distribute the Intellectual Property throughout the world in any and all mediums. Company grants Client a license to use the Intellectual Property solely for Client’s own noncommercial purposes. Client agrees that it has no right to create derivatives of, share, reproduce, distribute, modify, translate, post, license, sell, loan or otherwise exploit the Intellectual Property, whether commercially or non-commercially, and acknowledges that doing so constitutes a violation of law. For the avoidance of doubt, Client agrees not to create any derivative products, blog posts, websites, guides, worksheets, tool kits, videos, audio recordings, or the like based on Company’s Intellectual Property or that in any way violate Company’s Intellectual Property. Any registered or common law trademark, service mark, logo or tagline used in conjunction with the Program is property of the Company. Client may not use such trademarks or service marks for any purpose except with written permission by Company.


(a) Company’s Warranties: Company represents, warrants and covenants that, Company has full authority to enter into these Terms and Conditions and all of the Services, whether performed by Company or any of its subcontractors, will be rendered using sound, professional practices and in a competent and professional manner by knowledgeable and qualified personnel.

(b) Client’s Warranties: Client represents, warrants and covenants that Client has full authority to enter into these Terms and Conditions and has or will obtain, during all times relevant hereunder, all of the necessary consents, rights, licenses, clearances, releases or other permissions to lawfully consummate the transactions and lawfully discharge, in all material respects, each and every of Client’s obligations or duties set forth hereunder, whether performance is due now or hereafter during the Term.

Limitation of Liability

(a) In No Event Shall Company Have Any Liability To Client For Any Lost Profits, Loss Of Use, Business Interruption, Costs Of Procurement Of Substitute Goods Or Services, Or For Any Indirect, Special, Incidental, Multiple, Exemplary, Punitive, Or Consequential Damages However Caused And, Whether In Contract, Tort Or Under Any Other Theory Of Liability, Whether Or Not Either Party Has Been Advised Of The Possibility Of Such Damage; And

(b) In No Event Shall Company’s Liability To Client Exceed The Fees Paid By Client Under These Terms, Whether In Contract, Tort Or Under Any Other Theory Of Liability.

Effect of Headings

The subject headings of the paragraphs and subparagraphs of these Terms and Conditions are included for convenience only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of any of its provisions.

Entire Agreement; Modification; Waiver

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties pertaining to the subject matter contained in it and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, representations, and understandings of the parties. No supplement, modification, or amendment of these Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless executed in writing by all the parties. No waiver of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed, or shall constitute, a waiver of any other provision, whether or not similar, nor shall any waiver constitute a continuing waiver. No waiver shall be binding unless executed in writing by the party making the waiver.

Changed Terms

We may at any time amend these Terms and Conditions. Such amendments are effective immediately upon notice to you by us posting the new Terms and Conditions on the Site. Any use of the Site or Service by you after being notified means you accept these amendments. We reserve the right to update any portion of our Site and Service, including these Terms and Conditions at any time. We will post the most recent versions to the Site and list the effective dates on the pages of our Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions shall be binding on, and shall inure to the benefit of, the parties to it and their respective heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns; provided, however, that Client may not assign any of its rights under these Terms and Conditions, except to a wholly owned subsidiary entity of Client. No such assignment by Client to its wholly owned subsidiary shall relieve Client of any of its obligations or duties under these Terms and Conditions.


All notices, requests, demands, and other communications under these Terms and Conditions shall be in writing and properly addressed as follows:

Amara Productions LLC

160-282 Brodie Lane 

Austin, Texas 78748

To Client at Client’s address provided at the time of purchase.

Any party may change its address for purposes of this paragraph by giving the other parties written notice of the new address.

Governing Law; Venue; Mediation

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the State of North Carolina as applied to contracts that are executed and performed entirely in North Carolina. The exclusive venue for any court proceeding based on or arising out of these Terms and Conditions shall be Guilford County, North Carolina. The parties agree to attempt to resolve any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions by negotiation. The parties further agree that their respective good faith participation in negotiation discussions is a condition precedent to pursuing any other available legal or equitable remedy, including litigation, arbitration or other dispute resolution procedures.

Recovery of Litigation Expenses

If any legal action or any arbitration or other proceeding is brought for the enforcement of these Terms and Conditions, or because of an alleged dispute, breach, default, or misrepresentation in connection with any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the successful or prevailing party or parties shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and other costs incurred in that action or proceeding, in addition to any other relief to which it or they may be entitled.


If any term, provision, covenant, or condition of these Terms and Conditions is held by an arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, the rest of the These Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected, impaired, or invalidated.

Questions about these Terms and Conditions? Email us at hello@warriorgoddess.com.


Our team is dedicated to becoming an anti-racist company. We are actively working to dismantle the places we uphold white-supremacy and colonialism in the culture of our organization, in our programs, and in our community at large. We vision a world where we are all free. 


We Stand For

  • Activism from love
  • Community connection
  • Compassion
  • Diversity and support for complexity and difference
  • Emotional healing
  • Interconnectedness with nature and ancestors
  • Personal freedom and responsibility
  • Social Justice
  • Stillness and silent knowledge as the foundation for all action


How We Are Taking Action

As an organization, we are learning to leverage our privilege to occupy spaces with love, compassion, and dismantling fear while confronting the ways we participate in white supremacy and colonialism culture. We are actively learning, unlearning, and relearning with the guidance of our Equity and Disruption Consultant, Kimberlee Archie. We’ve been working in-depth to address the areas we do harm and work towards not only harm reduction, but repair and creating a new dream to live from as a company. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we are currently doing:

  • Actively creating more spaces where Black, Indigenous Women of Color (BIWOC) women can shine, thrive, and lead. 
  • Meeting as a team quarterly to review our impact and intent, including next steps in harm reduction and dismantling white supremacy within our company. This was the direct result of our work with Kimberlee Archie at Knowledge+Skills=Options Consulting as well as the Adaway Group’s Whiteness at Work program.
  • Some members  of our leadership team are attending small group coaching sessions with our Equity and Disruption Consultant to repair and restore past harms
  • Assembling our caucus of white women leaders from our community who regularly meet to identify the ways harm is done within our community and creatively develop action plans to disrupt white supremacy, colonialism, and the patriarchy within themselves and our work
  • Gathering our BIWOC women and femmes in our BIPOC Sanctuary Space, which meets bi-monthly. This space is created, led, and curated by BIPOC members of our community. 
  • Our Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training programs ( Level 1-3)  include modules of diversity and inclusion training, included but not limited to: accessibility and physical health, mental health and trauma, equity and racism, appropriation, gender identity, and sexual orientation. In each level we deepen our understanding of these concepts and how to better serve our community and lead from love. 
  • We are reviewing our programs for places where appropriation and harm may be happening and working towards repairing that harm and course-correcting our content.
  • Donating to Indigenous, women-led organizations
  • Incorporating land acknowledgements as part of our programs
  • Give priority to BIPOC women and femmes, LGBTQIAP2S+, and people living with disabilities in our scholarship programs
  • Meeting with BIPOC community leaders to see what we can create
  • We have taken the Small Business Pledge through Rachel Rodgers and the Hello Seven team. 


Where We are Headed

We are committed to doing this for as long as it takes, so we do dig up the roots. We know these injustices and inequities were not created overnight and they will take time to disentangle.  


Our next projects are

  • All recordings will have transcriptions (already implemented for our signature program and in process for the others)
  • Analyzing current policies and integrating anti-oppression into our organizational policy and governance such as meeting structures and compensation
  • Develop anti-racist policies for hiring, including leadership within the organization
  • Investing a portion of our monthly revenue to local Black and Native communities
  • Make our wilderness spaces accessible 







Disclaimer Statement

No warranties

This website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Amara Productions makes no representations or warranties in relation to this website or the information and materials provided on this website.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, Amara Productions does not warrant that:

  • this website will be constantly available, or available at all; or
  • the information on this website is complete, true, accurate or non-misleading.

Nothing on this website constitutes, or is meant to constitute, advice of any kind.

Limitations of liability

Amara Productions will not be liable to you (whether under the law of contract, the law of torts or otherwise) in relation to the contents of, or use of, or otherwise in connection with, this website:

  • to the extent that the website is provided free-of-charge, for any direct loss;
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These limitations of liability apply even if Amara Productions has been expressly advised of the potential loss.


Nothing in this website disclaimer will exclude or limit any warranty implied by law that it would be unlawful to exclude or limit; and nothing in this website disclaimer will exclude or limit Amara Productions liability in respect of any:

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By using this website, you agree that the exclusions and limitations of liability set out in this website disclaimer are reasonable.

If you do not think they are reasonable, you must not use this website.

Other parties

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Without prejudice to the foregoing paragraph, you agree that the limitations of warranties and liability set out in this website disclaimer will protect Amara Productions officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, successors, assigns and sub-contractors as well as Amara Productions.

Unenforceable provisions

If any provision of this website disclaimer is, or is found to be, unenforceable under applicable law, that will not affect the enforceability of the other provisions of this website disclaimer.


This document was created using a Contractology template available at http://www.freenetlaw.com