The Warrior Heart Practice Sheet

To help you on your Warrior Heart journey I have created this worksheet. It will help you through each of the chambers and aid in bringing clarity. You’ll find the instructions for using this sheet at the top of the page. Download it by clicking on the image of the sheet below.

The Warrior Heart Practice Sheet

Warrior Heart Meditation

Tap Into Your Warrior Heart with the Following Meditation


Explore further or start a Warrior Heart Practice Bookclub!

Whether you’re studying The Warrior Heart Practice on your own or joining with friends or your book club, the following discussion questions will help you explore the teachings at depth and provide ideas you may have not considered. Download the questions by clicking on the image of the questions below.


The Warrior Heart Practice Discussion Questions

The Warrior Heart Podcast Series

LISTEN to the Warriors of the Heart Podcast where I take real people with real issues through the Warrior Heart practice and help them shift out of confusion into clarity and from pain into peace.

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