Sundoor Firewalk Certification Training


Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.

The Firewalk Instructor Certification Training is for anyone wanting to deepen your relationship with fire, empowerment, and healing.

This energizing six-day / five-night retreat will be juicy and beneficial for anyone, whether you have been teaching for 30 years and want to be re-inspired or deepen your community, if you are exploring moving towards a path of service, or if you want to commune with fire.

Whether you are currently leading workshops or trainings, or you are just beginning your leadership in this work, we have designed a training that will activate, educate, and ignite personal and community transformation.

While others are constricting trainings like this to fewer days with a lighter touch, it is our belief that to truly honor the power of what we do, we need the stable boundary of 6 full days to deeply connect with ourselves, with one another, and with the generative nature of firewalking.

Come rest into a sacred, healing container while you build invaluable leadership skills, connect with your own inner fiery guidance and intuition, and experience the most potent, life-changing tools to teach and/or further your own journey.

Embers in the dark of the night - ready for the Firewalkers.
Wood ready to be lit into a fire. Small offerings of flowers and notes are scattered atop the wood.
Three firewalkers proudly and confidently walk across burning embers in front of witnesses and supporters.
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Sundoor Firewalk Certification Training with HeatherAsh Amara and Special Guest Teachers Peggy Dylan and Stephen Mulhearn

MEXICO | JUNE 25 - 30, 2024

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Do you hear the call to walk or dance across the coals?

Do you feel the pull to take action on your desires that demand you harness your courage?

Do you crave gathering in community to support each other with your biggest dreams?

This professional certification training and personal transformative retreat blends the best teaching wisdom, marketing resources, and confidence-building skills with personal processes that will shatter any of your lingering limitations and unlock your capacity to shine in the world.

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Change Your Life

During this course you will develop a personal and deep relationship with the fire. By the end of this revitalizing week-long training you will be invited to step into your full confidence to lead others in this amazing and transformational experience. Imagine the astonishment, the joy, and the life-changing experience you will be able to provide, which will be reflected on the faces of those you lead across the coals.

Firewalk Instructor Certification Training will support you in being empowered and energized to move past any fears or obstacles AND to help others do so as well. Over eight days you will learn how to facilitate the firewalk and many other incredibly transformative tools.

This is a mindblowing week you do not want to miss! Walking on fire is not just about doing something cool or learning a new skill around tending fire (although it is those things too!)’s about seeing and doing something seemingly impossible and then carrying that teaching into the rest of your life.

Set your life ablaze.

We welcome fire enthusiasts, seasoned coaches and public speakers, CEOs, community leaders, ritualists, flow arts performers, as well as devotees of dragons. All are welcome who are called to the fire. This week is suitable for beginners as well as experienced trainers desiring to add the firewalk to an existing workshop.

It is crafted as a week of personal transformation and will also meet the needs of professional coaches who only offer the best to their clients and corporate groups (as well as those who want to spend more time in silence and prayer around fire).

This training has surprised even the most accomplished leaders because it invites you to uplevel beyond where you’ve been before. This week of in-depth knowledge, is in short, the best and most complete education you can receive, by one of the greatest teachers that ever existed–FIRE.

HeatherAsh Firewalk


When you graduate you will have at your fingertips all the resources of the SUNDOOR firewalk graduate body and the support of HeatherAsh and her team to help guarantee the success of your groups.

This journey includes:

  • 6 days of hands-on experience and leadership wisdom with Sundoor Firewalk Masters—HeatherAsh Amara, Peggy Dylan, and Stephen Mulhearn
  • 5 nights accommodations, double occupancy*
  • 3 meals a day featuring delicious, healthy and traditional Mexican food (can accommodate special diets)
  • Ground transportation to and from Mexico City Airport
  • Teaching materials and manual

Pricing: $2997

*There are a limited number of single rooms available for $500. You can choose to add this upgrade when you checkout.

Additionally, we’ve added an optional extension which will allow you to get even more hands-on experience fire tending; PLUS that means more firewalks as well. Woohoo! 

We are so excited about adding this extension option. We have found that getting extra time around the fire is super helpful, especially in the first days of being certified. It gives you a stronger foundation and extra time to build confidence and skills. Rest assured, you will still be certified and know how to set up a firewalk from start to finish during the regular program. This is an optional add-on to practice and get more time around the fire. So, it's not a requirement, just something we found to be helpful.

For those days we will be spending most of the time around the wood and fire, learning different types of builds for the firewalk, practicing all the skills, and then you'll get even more support from me and our team of returning instructors who are assisting with the training.

You can register for it on the regular checkout page.

Are you already certified as a firewalk instructor? Email to get our special returning instructor pricing for this epic week. Come get filled back up by the fire and tend alongside the new instructors-in-training.

Inspire people to move past their limitations with the most transformative tools in the world!

Take the next step in your professional and spiritual development by learning to help others transform their lives with specific tools to lead us into living unconditionally. Firewalking opens the door of possibility in all areas of one’s life. Share the joy, the presence, the amazing connection with the elements, and divine inspiration that is the practice of firewalking.

Firewalk Instructor Training is not just about firewalking, it is about a complete shift in the human paradigm. Be part of a life-transforming experience for yourself that will give you the support, tools, and inspiration to launch a teaching career or to take your current teaching to new heights.

Once certified you will be authorized to conduct firewalks, arrow breaks and rebar bends with your own groups, and you will have access to our exclusive graduates’ community and portal, which host tons of information, direct links to your peers, online support, personal blogs from Peggy and much more.

In the last two decades since my mentor Peggy Dylan founded SUNDOOR’s International Firewalking School thousands have graduated from her programs, we are so lucky to have her as our special guest this year to reinvigorate our Sundoor training in the Americas. Sundoor graduates are now leading highly successful workshops in countries circling the globe.

The firewalk is one of the most frequently requested empowerment workshops by both individuals and corporations due to the deep transformation it ignites within participants.

Firewalk Instructor Training is a dynamic week-long training course and retreat, based on my work with Peggy over the last two decades, with recently added elements important to our critical times. Join me, HeatherAsh Amara, as a Sundoor Trainer and Master Firewalk Instructor to learn from the team which originated firewalking, has trained the most leaders, and the world’s most successful firewalk instructors. You will receive unquestionably the best education and training available in how to be an unconditional leader and ignite the communities you touch.

During the Sundoor Firewalk Instructor Certification Training you will learn:

  • Workshop layout and timing
  • How to provide safe fires in all situations and weather conditions
  • All the components of using the firewalk to empower and inspire your own group
  • Marketing and fire permits
  • To structure the workshop and gain leadership skills
  • The use of arrows and rebar, two additional powerful tools
  • The spiritual and emotional components of unconditional leadership
  • All the above provided in the loving, fun and supportive atmosphere

We will be staying at the Dreaming House, a safe, beautiful retreat center that is only a fifteen minute walk from the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon

We take the safety of our participants very seriously. Please review our COVID protocols HERE.

You can review our refund policy HERE.

We strongly suggest that you get travel insurance.

The front of the Dreaming House. It's a blue building, painted with whimsical vines.

The Dreaming House

Marvelous home-like environment where you feel like part of the family, on private & secluded grounds in an authentic village setting.

Amazing artwork and artesania adorn every part of both the original house and its beautiful additions.

Visit the store where Alberto Hernandez Romero sells his own handcrafted stone sculptures as well as gorgeous handicrafts made by local artisans and carefully selected for quality and originality.

Enjoy homemade meals made fresh daily by Teotihuacan’s best cooks and served up family style, to enjoy either in our classic colonial style dining room or out on the colorful garden terrace. Vegetarian meals available (PLEASE let us know in advance for any special dietary needs.)

Mexican café de olla is always on hand, and there is unlimited purified bottled water available.

Visit their website

Why Sundoor Firewalk Certification Training?

Master the skills of leading successful Firewalks with the school described as “The Harvard of Firewalk Trainings.” The Firewalk Instructor’s Certification Training is a well-crafted seminar, which over the decades has proven its effectiveness in training dynamic leaders. Like others who have gone through this course, you can put yourself into a career of contribution and fulfillment. Whether you are interested in leading small personal groups or Fortune 500 companies, Sundoor’s Firewalk Instructor Training led by HeatherAsh and her team will give you the education, and confidence, to do so.

Our Firewalk Instructor Training and empowerment coach certification retreat lasts 6 days. You can find 3-day and 4-day courses around the globe, but we’ve found that our extra days better support you as a firewalk instructor, becoming an unconditional leader, and becoming more liberated. At HeatherAsh’s Sundoor training, you have more opportunities to have hands-on experience with the fire and coals, a plentiful time to connect with HeatherAsh and your peers around the fire, and connect with the power of Teotihuacan as well. We have chosen this week-long experiential training so you feel inspired and ready to lead your first firewalk with confidence, wisdom, and playfulness.

Many people also take this training to further their own inner transformation; imagine the catalyst of walking on fire each night for a week along with participating in many guided exercises and tools. You will not come out the same person who went in.

Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.


You’re always welcome to ask us about a custom payment plan and we’ll do what we can. Please contact for details.

Questions? We would love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at

HeatherAsh Amara is a proud board member of the Global Firewalking Association