Things are shifting.

Are you ready?

Are you tired of being exhausted by the world and not having a sacred space to call your own?

Are you yearning to live with life instead of against it?

Are you longing for belonging and community but unsure how to avoid the Mean Girls club of exclusion and gossip-bonding?

Old ways are falling away. New worlds are coming into being.

And you’re here in the middle of it…

Transforming yourself. Craving community.

Knowing, deep in your bones, that there’s something more to life — an untapped freedom and power that’s there, just beyond your fingertips.

This can be like finding a new home. There is a ton of excitement around the possibilities of doing things differently, but also the overwhelm of boxes waiting to be unpacked and not sure where things need to go…

This is a rare and precious moment because it’s a crossroads at which you’re given the opportunity to rebuild your external — and internal — worlds into something powerful and new.

Let’s bring you back home to yourself.

Back to who you were before the world told you who to be. You can clean, organize, sort, and create a sacred space within yourself where everything feels just right for you now — not where you’ve been or who you’ve been told to be, but who you are NOW and who you are becoming.

It’s time for you to come back home to YOURSELF.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. There is a beautiful community waiting to welcome you, witness you, and support you as you embark on this journey.

And of course, I’ll be there, too.

Join the Warrior Goddess Training Circle and become the powerful, aligned, and inspired woman you’re meant to be — all with the support of a community that truly transforms.

You can take up space.

You can speak up about what matters to you.

You can live your life for YOU.

And I’m going to show you how to unlock your power from the inside out.

The story of transformation is as old as time. But the particular story that led you to this moment right here? That started eight years ago.

That was when I first felt the tug to write a book about how to become the most powerful, creative, sensual, boundaried, and FREE woman you can be.

It had been a long time coming, of course — I’d been walking this path for years and had spent decades delving into the mysteries of being a person, with amazing teachers and guides like don Miguel Ruiz, Cerridwen Fallingstar, Peggy Dylan, Vicki Noble, and others.

Warrior Goddess Training Book Cover by HeatherAsh Amara

And so I wrote Warrior Goddess Training… and the whole world lit up!

Warrior Goddesses from all around the world woke up, realigned with their voice and intuition, and let go of all the things that were holding them down and keeping them small.

The book became a runaway bestseller, and I’ve been training people in the Warrior Goddess way through The Warrior Goddess Training Circle ever since.

(This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you all the incredible things we’ve tackled in the last eight years since publishing the book, but it’s a lot, so let’s just say I’m holding the vision of where we’re going and it’s going to be EPIC.)

Together, as we explore the Warrior Goddess teachings inside this powerful community container, you’ll learn how to rewire yourself from the inside out and come back home to your power, creativity, passion, connection, and so much more.

Four women, holding hands as they sit in a circle facing each other.

I’ve got the place for you.

We have spent the last two years learning and listening to our members and our culture at large and have summoned the very best of what our community loves about The Warrior Goddess Training Circle.

We have refined the structure to be exactly what you need in this moment — nothing more, nothing less.

So it is with deep joy and excitement that I invite you to the fully re-imagined Warrior Goddess Training Circle.

Why rework everything?

Because we’re not living in the same world we were when I created it eight years ago… let’s be honest, we’re not even in the same world we were just two years ago, and I want to offer more healing and strength to more people — more accessibility, more opportunity, and more love for more people who need it.

Your Anchor. Your Support. Your Community.

Sue shares how joining the Warrior Goddess Training Circle has been an anchor and support system for her throughout the pandemic and how it has been different from the events and retreats she has participated in previously…

That community you’re craving?

It’s right here waiting for you…

The Circle is the heartbeat of the Warrior Goddess community.

We gather together weekly and monthly so we have a steady touch-in and supportive community to walk this path with.

  • New and Full Moon Gatherings.

    We gather to honor the cycles each month at the new and full moon for ritual and ceremony.

  • State of the Revolution Address.

    An intimate, monthly session with me around what is up for the community, where we are in the cycles, and what our focus for the month is.

  • Creativity Coffee Hour.

    A weekly session with a Warrior Goddess Mentor where we explore how to get more free on the inside in new and exciting ways.

  • Exploring the Four Agreements.

    A special edition series hosted by one of our Warrior Goddess Mentors. The series is dedicated to exploring the Four Agreements over four months.

  • Self-Care and Sass.

    A weekly call with one of the Warrior Goddess Mentors where we take care of our inner landscape. During these sessions, we build our awareness and self-intimacy through practical teachings and everyday practices.

You’ll come into deep community with the rest of the Warrior Goddesses as we create the space and support needed to reclaim your wholeness, build your capacity to create change in your life and community, and receive the guidance to cultivate self-intimacy, steadiness, and stillness in our ever-changing world.

The result?

You’ll be intimately supported as you say yes to the power of fierce love, unearth your deepest forgiveness and compassion, and stand tall in constant authenticity and vulnerability.

You’ll gently but decisively shed old feelings of shame, guilt, competition, jealousy, and repression.

You’ll get the support you crave to live a fulfilled, meaningful, and joyful life.

You’ll learn how to release self-doubt and sabotage. (Instead of just putting it down for a moment and then having to deal with it all over again!)

You’ll end the drama and negativity in your life and learn to speak and live your truth.



You’ll become the woman you were meant to be.


Warrior. Goddess. YOU.

In all your powerful, healing, exquisite wonder.

Not sure if you’re a Warrior Goddess?

Let’s look at that.

Have you done or desired to do something like…

  • Standing up for yourself in a challenging situation?
  • Summoning the courage to speak up in a board meeting when you were the only woman in the room?
  • Sat tenderly with a loved one as they navigated something tough and just loved them?


That’s the Warrior Goddess inside you.

She’s inside each of us.


The love and devotion demonstrated through HeatherAsh and her team has been life-changing. As a result of the circle, I’m noticing within myself a significant shift. I have received so many tools to assist my spiritual evolution and I can’t express my gratitude enough.



When I found Warrior Goddess I was very depressed and living a very unhappy and empty life. Now I have more understanding about myself, my boundaries, and what truly brings joy to my life. I no longer feel like I’m aimlessly walking through this life, the teachings have helped me find purpose, and as a result I am happy and in full alignment with my path, my relationships, and my life. Thank you for doing this beautiful work!!!!



I have become part of a community of women whose purpose is to lift and empower each other. We delve into places that celebrate who we actually are in a world that wants us to be something else. We master tools to develop our own belief systems that empower us. We learn to love ourselves a bit more each day and build a life based on living our own truth. 

Beaux Ripnick

So, what exactly do you get inside The Warrior Goddess Training Circle?

Our Creative Content Library

I have been teaching this stuff for a long time, and frankly … it’s life-changing!

The Warrior Goddess content library provides you with a whole suite of recorded courses, support resources, bonus modules, Q+A’s, and so much more.

Here’s some of what is included in the Creative Content Library:

An intimate journey for those going through a relationship loss. This series is an intimate conversation with HeatherAsh as she shares how to repair and recover after the devastation of heartache. Learn specific tools to help navigate this particular challenge and come out fortified and whole on the other side.

The foundations of being a Warrior Goddess. During this series of classes, we explore the foundational teachings of intent, inspiration, and intution. We do mini dives into each of the ten Warrior Goddess lessons and use practical tools and exercises to get more clear, creative, and courageous in our lives.

Daily practices for a balanced life. This audio collection consists of three individual practices and includes five audio recordings. HeatherAsh designed the recordings to be used together as part of your daily ritual, but you are welcome to use them in a way that feels comfortable and supportive for you.



Community & Ceremony

We’re inherently communal beings, and we’re built for ceremony, too — this is one reason the modern world feels so weird to us, there’s no ritual built into it! WGTC provides you with the community and ceremony you crave, with New and Full Moon ceremonies to connect you with the cycles, online retreats just for members, our private Warrior Goddess Training Circle Facebook group, and more.

sarina-land _reduced

Weekly Live Events

From the fire-you-up monthly State of the Revolution address from me right through to Creativity Coffee Hour and Self-Care and Sass gatherings, we have a robust calendar of events to give you the type of deep support and community you need as you rewire yourself from the inside out.

WGTC_sales page_retreat

Priority Access to Retreats

I lead retreats and live events in New Mexico, Mexico, and Peru that reliably book out within a few weeks. As a member of the Warrior Goddess Training Circle, you’ll get advance notice of when these events are going to occur, and the chance to secure your spot first.


Energetic Pillars of Support

No one supports a circle like this alone. I have called on a glorious cadre of Warrior Goddess mentors to hold and foster each one of the elements, asking for its blessings on our community and those in it.

And of course, some sweet bonus gifts!

A signed copy of Warrior Goddess Training: mailed to you after your first monthly payment is made.

Reclaim & Restore Workshop: This recorded workshop (approx 5 hours of video teaching) is a deep dive into some of the most potent Warrior Goddess teachings to help us get more grounded in our life and restore our system through cleaning up what isn’t working and learning to do more things we love.

Sanctuary Meditation: Get your journal ready and settle in for this powerful visualization. With this meditation, I’ll guide you to creating a sanctuary just for you.

The Warrior Goddess Training Circle Interactive Experience

When creating the membership website for the Warrior Goddess Training Circle. we kept clarity and ease at the forefront when making every decision.

Directly from the membership website you can:

  •  Join the live calls from our interactive calendar and/or add them to your personal calendar
  • Learn about upcoming circle happenings
  • Catch up on recordings you may have missed or wish to revisit
  • Access all of the teachings in the Creative Content Library
WGTC_Sales Page Membership Mockup

Warrior Goddess, it is time.

One of the gifts of this very turbulent time we’ve been in is that of clarity.

It’s become quickly and abundantly clear what really matters, what’s causing suffering, and what’s just … dust and distractions.

And that’s how I know that you, right here, right now, know that this is right for you.

It’s the right time for you to join this community because you’ve tried doing it all yourself.

You’ve tried pretending nothing needs to change.

You’ve bought all the snake oil and the crystals and still, the disconnection, unhappiness, and old patterns still haunt you.

This circle is going to reconnect you to the incredible power, presence, and potential that’s already in you.

That Warrior Goddess within who shows up in tiny moments and steps fully into her power. You will learn how to bring her out more and more. We will teach you how to cultivate and tend to her. And be with others who want to get to know her and love her. And that is the best gift you could ever give yourself AND the rest of the world.

Join the Warrior Goddess Training Circle today!

The Warrior Goddess Training Circle is a subscription-based program.

You choose whether you want to pay monthly or annually and then you retain access to the circle as long as you keep your subscription to the Circle current.

*There are no refunds and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

For those who may be experiencing financial hardships and members of the BIPOC, disabled, or LGBTQIAP+ communities:

Hi! We offer a discounted rate of $47/month.
Click here to register.
We love you!

Meaningful Connection. A Network of Women.

Listen as Jamie, a therapist and member of the Warrior Goddess Leadership Team, shares about the meaningful connections she has made inside the community…

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Care

Is this just another community where I’m going to feel like the odd-one-out?

In the Warrior Goddess community, we don’t tell you how you “should” be. There are plenty of communities out there who do that. Instead, we lean in and get curious.

Tell us who you are. Build relationships with us. This is not a one-size-fits all community. We are here to be with you as you uncover who you are beneath all the domestication and agreements.

We’re here to love you unconditionally. And in the end, only you can decide if we’re a good fit for you, but we can tell you that there isn’t a “right” way to be a Warrior Goddess.

Can I really get past feeling small and stuck and blah?

YES! Some of our members describe how they feel after just a short time in the Circle and it’s big transformation in small, practical ways.

You may notice you don’t shut down as often or no longer pick fights when you’re uncomfortable.

You may find that you don’t take things as personally or have more compassion when someone (including yourself) makes a mistake. I have been working with people around the world and have seen transformation at many levels.

You are so much stronger than you think you are. You have a unique essence to share with the world.

Is this just a bunch of white lady nonsense?

HeatherAsh is white, there’s no getting around that. But the Warrior Goddess community and teachings is incredibly vibrant and diverse. We are actively working to decolonize the work, so there are places we are a work in progress.

Do I have to be a person with a vagina to join?

Nope! All genders are welcome here. This community is women and femme-centered, however all genders are welcome to join. Cis-men, that includes you! And/But/Also, there may be some events or calls that we ask you not to attend so those who are woman-identified or have ever lived life as a woman can feel safe.

Our community of siblings sees the divinity in all our expressions. If you identify with Warrior Goddess, you are welcome to join.

What steps do you take to keep this space safe and inclusive?

Our staff and mentorship team have gone through extensive training and work to make our spaces inclusive and accessible. We are still a work in progress, so our door is always open and we will listen and take feedback when we do harm. (Yes, even we do harm–all communities do at some point.)

We believe it’s important to take responsibility and be accountable for our actions, so we clean them up the best we can and do our best to repair and restore relationship with those who were harmed.

We also have a Warrior Heart Council made up of folks from our Warrior Goddess Leadership Team who convene if we need to apologize, repair, and restore good faith with a community member.


Do I have to read the book?

No, you do not need to have read Warrior Goddess Training in order to join. Many of the teachings in the Warrior Goddess Training Circle are themed by the book, but reading the book is not a requirement. After your first payment to the Circle, you will receive a signed copy of the book as a Welcome bonus.

I’m not on FaceBook, can I still join in?
Absolutely! We have current members of the Circle who are not on Facebook and still feel quite connected to our community. Sometimes they even write into our email account to share their questions and celebrations with the FB group. Our team then posts on FB on their behalf if they request it. Others choose to engage on the calls or at events only. It’s all good.

What if I can’t make the calls?

Most of our calls are recorded so you’ll be able to access them whenever you like. There will be occasional pop-up ones that you must be present for live, especially if they are a ceremony. We’ll let you know ahead of time if that is the case.

How present is HeatherAsh in the community? Is it just us and the mentors most of the time?

I’m very active in our community. Every month, you’ll join me for the State of the Revolution call. I also join in on a few of the regular weekly calls as well as a session or two during the quarterly retreats.

Who are the mentors?The mentors of the Warrior Goddess Training Circle are apprentices of HeatherAsh. We have four main Warrior Goddess teachers: Mary Nicosia, Naomi Herrera, Sarina Harz, and Tara Sol. They will be holding the container for the Warrior Goddess Training Circle and have years of experience working with the Warrior Goddess teachings. We’ll also be inviting in guest teachers and mentors from our Warrior Goddess Leadership Team, which are made up of Warrior Goddesses who have studied extensively with HeatherAsh.

What am I getting out of all this?

  • Weekly Live Events with the Warrior Goddess Team
  • State of the Revolution address with HeatherAsh
  • Creative Content Library
  • Community and Ceremony
  • Priority Access to Retreats and Journeys
  • Energetic Pillars of Support
  • Priority access to Warrior Heart Facilitator Training and Firewalk Certification Training
  • The option to join Journey of the Nine Moons and Warrior Goddess Leadership Certification

How much does it cost to join?

Monthly Subscription – $97/month

Annual Subscription – $1110/year

For those who may be experiencing financial hardships and members of the BIPOC, disabled, or LGBTQIAP+ communities, we offer a discounted rate of $47/month.

The Warrior Goddess Training Circle is a subscription-based program. You choose whether you want to pay monthly or annually and then you retain access to the circle as long as you keep your subscription to the Circle current.

There are no refunds and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Do you offer full scholarships?

We do have a very limited number of full scholarships available. To inquire please email us at

Lasting Impact.

Lara has been part of the Warrior Goddess Community for nearly 5 years. Listen as she shares why she has stayed inside the Warrior Goddess Training Circle and the impact it continues to have in her life.