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Sarina Harz
Sarina Harz is a professor of Social Work in Fort Worth, Texas and Licensed Master Social Worker. She has spent the last decade serving clients with chronic medical conditions, facilitating trauma-informed care, and assisting her people in getting free in their lives. Sarina works as a therapist and is currently studying wilderness behavioral health modalities with Rites of Passage Council so she can facilitate therapy in the wilderness. Sarina has been studying with HeatherAsh Amara for the last five years and is a Warrior Heart Facilitator and member of the Warrior Goddess Leadership Team.

Email: sarina@creativeharz.com


Become A Warrior Goddess Facilitator

Join a circle of warrior goddess facilitators in service to the sacred unfolding of women’s power and grace.

All around the world, women are stepping forward to invite back their authentic, creative, wonderfully unique selves. We are shedding the old, faded clothes of war, domination, competition, jealousy, and repression. We are rising like the sun, shining big and bright as the full moon. We are saying yes to the power of fierce love, compassion, constant authenticity, and vulnerability.

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