The world doesn't need you playing small any longer. It's time for your self-doubt and struggle to end, for good. This is what it means to be a warrior goddess: to be free on the inside. To finally, fully become the woman you are meant to be.

To get free you need tools. And guidance. And a kick-ass sisterhood. The Warrior Goddess Training Circle brings together our Creative Library, Live Courses, and Community to fire up your Intent, Inspiration, and Intuition.

If you are ready to shine like the supernova you are, this Circle is for you.

There’s never been a more powerful time to step into leadership and let your authenticity shine.

You know you’re on the edge of transformation…

Your creative energy is bursting at the seams just waiting to be channeled into something HUGE.

The old stories that have kept you stuck in fear just won’t cut it anymore!

And, You’re tired of walking this path alone.

You crave a community that offers you an abundance of support as you:

Claim your wholeness
Realize your potential as a leader
And receive the guidance you need to share your wisdom with others.

What if I told you …

There is an intentional community where you can go deep into your patterns and shift your old stories.

A space where you’ll be celebrated and supported as you align to the life you were meant to live. 

Where you can break free of the overwhelming noise of social media groups and pages…

And receive direct access to the EXACT tools you desire that guide you on the path towards freedom, authenticity, creativity, and leadership?

The Warrior Goddess Training Circle is that community!

Support for your transformation

Are you in the middle of a big transition and don’t know where to turn for support and guidance?

Big life changes can shake up your world and leave you feeling scared and isolated.

Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce, starting a business or a new job, or ready to make a leap in any area of your life – all women experience a sense of hopelessness at different times in their life.

You might be powerful at your job, but in your relationships, you may find yourself giving your power away and staying small.

Or you may feel victimized by your health or your relationship with your kids or by the way your boss treats you.

If this is you, know that you are not alone. You can claim your Warrior Goddess self — the you that is powerful, passionate, and filled with purpose.

Get the support you crave to live a fulfilled, meaningful, joyful life and release self-doubt and sabotage. End the drama and negativity in your life and learn to speak and live your truth. Become the woman you were meant to be.

Where ever you live, wherever you are, you can now be part of a circle of Warrior Goddess women rebirthing ourselves from the inside out.




  • Release the Burden of Heavy Ancestral and Familial Patterns
  • Blast Past Self-Doubt, Fear, and Self-Sabotage
  • Let Your Voice & Intuition Blossom
  • Fire up your Sexual Energy & Creativity
  • Learn to Attract What You Truly Want
  • Reclaim Your Pleasure, Play, & Purpose
  • Own Your Yes and Your No Fully

WARRIOR GODDESS TRAINING CIRCLE WILL SUPPORT YOU IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE: Business/career, relationships, health, and your intimate connection to the Divine.

Get specific tools, practices, and guidance for clearing blocks, limitations, and fears out of your energetic being and bringing in your warrior clarity, presence, and focus and your goddess sass, pleasure, and faith.


Topics covered: Reclaiming energy from the past, staying grounded during change, setting open-hearted boundaries, speaking your truth...

We’ve combined our four most powerful online classes for you to explore at your own pace.


  • Integrity: The foundations of being a Warrior Goddess
  • Ignite: Rebirth yourself with the most potent tools for complete transformation from the inside out
  • Impeccability: How to be your best Warrior Goddess self in service to others (without caretaking or burnout)
  • Unbroken: And intimate journey for those going through divorce or separation.



Topics covered: Creativity, group coaching, inspired action

Each week you’ll have access to Self-Care, Creativity, and Coaching classes to inspire, ground, and support you on your journey.


  • State of the Revolution address: A monthly kick-ass talk with Warrior Goddess mama HeatherAsh
  • Self-Care and Sass: How to integrate and embody the Warrior Goddess teachings into your life (from concept to action!)
  • Creativity Coffee Hour: Spend a delicious hour conjuring your creative juiciness.
  • Warrior Coaching: Bring your stickiest issues, struggles and stresses for us to untangle together with love



Topics covered: The magic, mystery, and magnificence of being you

In addition to our Creative Library and Courses we also build a rocking community through deeper dives together. We’ll work with the energy of the moon each month, and every quarter we’ll offer longer events just for members. YES!!!!


  • New and Full Moon ceremonies to connect you with the cycles
  • Online one and multiple day retreats, just for members
  • Live Summer Camp and Wilderness work at Warrior Heart Ranch
  • And our private dynamic WGT Circle Facebook group



Topics covered: Leadership, conscious ceremony, and sacred initiation

This is the only space where you can receive exclusive access to Warrior Goddess Certifications that will further support you in your work! Once you complete the Ignite course in our Creative Library you’ll be ready to unlock our leadership certification programs.


  • Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training program (included!)
  • Warrior Heart Facilitator Training program (included!)
  • Priority access to our yearly Warrior Goddess pilgrimage to Mexico (additional fee)
  • Firewalk Certification Training (additional fee)



Topics covered: Meditation audios, extra videos, and surprises galore

We can’t help it. We will keep adding in more bonus magic for your transformation.


  • Return to Center audio: Grounding and Recapitulation practice
  • Warrior Heart Practice worksheet and meditations
  • Warrior Goddess Summit: Interviews to inspire and uplift
  • And monthly new moon meditation audios



Working with HeatherAsh and the Warrior Goddess Training Teachings completely shifted the way I saw myself.

When I decided to begin warrior goddess training, I was stuck in a stagnant space in my life. I was ready to make a huge shift and embrace my power. I wanted to lead and help others, but I didn’t have the confidence I needed. I had just gotten out of a relationship that crushed my spirit, and I was afraid to open my heart and let others see me in my truth. I didn’t even know what it meant to stand in my authenticity. It gave me the courage and the community of support I needed to step into a whole new story as a leader and a sovereign being.

~ C.J. Thomas

Inspiring, creative, illuminating, and powerful… just a few of the many words that come to my mind when I reflect on HeatherAsh Amara and her teachings.

I have so much gratitude for HeatherAsh’s ability to encourage my growth while also reminding me there is a safe place to land. The Warrior Goddess community has helped me stay true to my personal path of self discovery and offers me a home within a group of individuals that are uniquely honoring their own journey.

~ Kirsten Harwick

The last two years with HeatherAsh Amara, and the Warrrior Goddess Community, have been the most expansive and transformative years of my life.

Through the teachings, I have reconnected with my innate power, self-love, essence, light, inner fire, warrior heart and goddess spirit. I have come home to myself. HeatherAsh, along with my Warrior Goddess Sisters, have walked beside me every step of the way creating a circle of love, joy, play, laughter, depth, safety, trust and sisterhood. I feel seen. I feel heard. I feel held, respected and honored for who I truly am. I look forward to continuing this journey of unfolding, of being a part of this Love Revolution and of becoming the woman I was meant to be.

~ Deirdre O'Neil

I no longer feel like I'm aimlessly walking through this life.

I’ve been blessed to be able to participate in multiple reclaim workshops with HeatherAsh, Sarina, and Tara. Over the years the beautiful tools they offer have changed my life completely. When I found Warrior Goddess I was very depressed and living a very unhappy and empty life. Now I have more understanding about myself, my boundaries, and what truly brings joy to my life. The teachings have helped me find purpose, and as a result I am happy and in full alignment with my path, my relationships, and my life. Thank you for doing this beautiful work!!!!

~ Sage Schnardthorst

Claim Your Warrior Power
and your goddess faith

This community was created to support you as you take the journey towards becoming the woman you were always meant to be!

No longer will you have to walk this path alone. Be Deeply supported as you say yes to the power of fierce love, unearth your deepest forgiveness and compassion, and stand tall in constant authenticity, and vulnerability.

Shed the old, faded clothes of war, domination, competition, jealousy, and repression. 


Your Special Membership Price

$197/month or $2197 annually


> No long term commitment.
> Cancel anytime with 15 days notice.


> After one year, cancel anytime with 15 days notice.
> Gift! Annual members get the access to the recent masterclass, Service, Sovereignty, and Surrender and ongoing group coaching on the Warrior Goddess Leadership framework. Learn nine ways to up-level your leadership and service in all areas of your life. This workshop alone is worth the cost of the whole Circle membership!

Warrior Goddess Training Circle Value:

Integrity Course: $149
Ignite Course: $1300
Impeccability course: $250
Monthly live teachings: $200
Retreats and one day events: $800
Leadership courses: $3000

That’s over a $5000 value!

Join for only $197 a month or $2197 for a full year.

Questions? Click Here to read the FAQs sheet

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