who is your master?

By Leahanne Woods Smith

When I was in Teotihuacan this past summer for the Women’s Journey with HeatherAsh Amara, we were put through different exercises. These were exercises in remembering our spirit on a deeper level. To do this we went to a part of Teotihuacan each day. We learned of the history of the Toltecs, the ancient ones whose tactics, strategies, and lessons of gaining more freedom we strive to emulate today.

On the last day of the journey we went to The Temple Of The Butterflies. Here was a place that looked like ancient apartments. It’s a plaza of sectioned off living spaces. These were living spaces of the more or less kind of royal families of the who lived back then, as well as Pumas, and Masters.

The Masters are said to have been able to defy all obstacles and do unbelievable things like leave their body behind at the door and go as their pure spirit into the room. We were told to go around the place and visit all the rooms and feel which room resonates with us the most. Then, we were to see what master showed up for us there.

I walked into one of the rooms with no roof, and simply a hard stone “bench” made of the same stone as the floor in it. I knew this was the one for me. There were thirty of us, and for a long time period I was the only one in this room. It was as if all time and current situations were paused. I began to feel sort of a supernatural essence fill me. I turned into my power consciously. I knew I was being filled with a Kung fu Master. I have trained in Kung Fu in the small town where I live. I was connected to this by working with the Sifu at a nursing home. He was trained by a master in Philadelphia as a young boy and continued all his life. He started the Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy in my home town. What we learn at Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy are not only lessons in physical fighting strategies, but lessons of the heart in life with all of life, similar to the Toltecs. It is an ancient family lineage called the Hung Gar in southern China. This was brought to me. I was just barely open-eyed enough to see it and go for it. What a miraculous gift!

It’s funny how we are called to things and we feel it. We just know that this is what we are supposed to be doing to go further into our next greatest things.

I would have never guessed that a Kung fu Master would show up for me in Teotihuacan ten years ago. But, it happened. And, I began to feel myself as a direct descendant of the Warrior, the kind that can defy all gravity, move any obstacle, and live fully from the heart of truth and wisdom.

Right then and there, I saluted in the traditional way of the Hung Gar lineage. I knew I was saluting my master, and to the master I was becoming in myself.

Later that day, we traveled to The Pyramid Of The Sun. We were told to stay connected to the womb, and stay quiet to deeply feel for our experiences. We were also told to be careful of the edges as we winded around the pyramid in ascending toward the top.

HeatherAsh walked the edge. She looked supernaturally light as if she was confident that she could just fly whenever she needed or wanted to. I recognized that she has become her own master, and in that she can master the elements. She was like a butterfly. When following her around the Pyramid Of The Sun, I realized that I was following my master. She, like the Kung Fu Master, were both beings who showed up for me. When I just couldn’t pass over buying the Warrior Goddess Training book one day when I saw it on Facebook, it was a gift from the Gods/Goddesses who have been watching me. It was spirit’s answer to my internal longings for more, and it was, too, just simply my intention once I got whiff of its grand power. It catapulted me into a place where I could begin to know myself as a master. As I walked with the group, following HeatherAsh, I felt my Warrior power fully, and I realized that I was a butterfly too.

Little by little we clean away those things that clog up our temple from the truth. In the end, we are our own Warrior, our own Goddess, our own Master of Love encompassing all the elements. We can move mountains or fly off them at any time. We only need to remember and strive to live more fully everyday as our authentic selves.

Getting to know ourselves as our own master is just one of the aspects of Warrior Goddess Training.  May we continue our journey, and bring others around us into fuller belief!