A 5-part series for you

As women, we so often give our power away. We get stuck in the heaviness of shame, fear, limitations, too many choices, or doubt. 

Get support moving past fear and grounding into love and creative action.

Be supported by a group of women learning how to choose centered, authentic presence over fear, drama, and staying small.

Learn to Choose Yourself

You know what it’s like to give your power away. Learn to take aware, clear actions not based in drama but based in showing up with what is. Join HeatherAsh and the Warrior Goddess team as we uncover the foundations of stepping into our authenticity.

This is a journey to rediscovering who you truly are

Through this powerful 5-week online series you will:

  • Understand the four strategies that keep you trapped
  • Learn how to free yourself from limiting roles
  • Open your heart to your whole self
  • Ground into your own being
  • Tap into your strength and vulnerability
  • Claim your voice and power through self-awareness
  • Choose how you want to show up in the world and become the women you were meant to be

This 5-part weekly series contains the foundational teachings of Warrior Goddess Training, and invites you to deepen your relationship with yourself while you uncover the confidence and awareness to create the life you want to live. 

An overview -

Week 1: Introduction to Warrior Goddess Training
Bring the warrior and goddess energies into your life

Week 2: Loving Your Authentic Truth
· A new vision of being

Week 3: Discovering Your Authentic Power
· Step into your strength and vulnerability

Week 4: Claiming Your Authentic Voice
· Live from your whole heart

Week 5: Creating Your Authentic Dream 
· Devote yourself to your essence

You'll be supported, guided, and inspired

Each weekly class also includes a short homework assignment, so you can take the teachings into your daily life and practice them between sessions.

Life is perfectly imperfect, unpredictable, and unexplainable

What is Warrior Goddess Authenticity?

Warrior Goddess Authenticity is an online program that begins as soon as you register and continues on for five weeks. Because this is a self-directed course you are invited to take as much time with each of the lessons as you need. All of the course material will be available to you for 90 days after the release of the 5th lesson so there is plenty of time to work through it at your own pace. 

How does it work?

Each week, you will receive an email containing a link for that’s week’s lesson page. Each lesson page also includes an optional “homework” page that will assist you in taking the teachings more deeply into your life.

Your first lesson page will be released to you immediately upon registration.

How much is it?

My goal is to make this program accessible to as many folks as possible so I’m offering it on a sliding scale so that you can pay what you can afford. There are multiple payment options starting at $20 and going up to $147. Please be as generous as you can. If you can afford to pay one of the higher amounts please do so, this will allow me to share it with as many women as I possibly can.

Replace Fear with Respect

I've included 3 very special bonuses

Register for Warrior Goddess Authenticity and you'll also receive access to the following:

1 - The Warrior Goddess Summit Interviews
2 - Awaken Your Inner Fire Seven Day Bootcamp
3 - Making boundaries - Holding your truth audio recording

Join now - Sliding Scale options from $20 to $147

You'll get the 5 pre-recorded sessions with me and the Warrior Goddess Mentorship team, the 3 special bonuses, an online community, AND my team and I will be answering any questions or shares in our closed Facebook group.