March 1st, 2018

Trains to hell or healing?

Can you feel the buzz?

After sleeping 10 to 12 hours a day for the past week integrating my journey to India I was up last night until 1 am, humming along, with my eyes wide open at 6 am this morning. It’s definitely the full moon!

Now is the time to use this energy to get creatively curious how to support yourself to the next level of your magnificence.

It’s not about fixing yourself. You are not broken. When you struggle and fight and judge yourself you only dig yourself deeper into a hole of self-hatred and frustration.

Instead, look to the moon for wisdom and guidance. The moon is beautiful in all manifestations: from full to dark. And our lives go in cycles as well… sometimes we are shining brightly, sometimes pulled in and dark. We need both the expansion and the contraction, the in and out breath. 

And we especially need to learn to witness our thoughts, habits, and actions, especially during a full moon.

While the vibrant energy of a full moon can help bring breakthrough and blast through stuckness, we also have to be extra aware not to energize our negative thoughts, act out old emotions unconsciously, or overindulge our bodies with unhealthy stuff. It’s easy to go overboard during the full moon times!

So let’s crank up our awareness, be more mindful, and keep turning our attention where we want it to be!

Thoughts are like trains. They always go to the same place. So better to not get on that train of self-doubt, judgment, or disaster mind… it is always going to the same place! Instead, create new thought trains with new destinations. One of my favorite games is to come up with great questions and see where they lead me.


Here are a few for you to play with:

– How can I best support myself in becoming more grounded? (or more present, loving, centered, compassionate, fiery, wise….)

– What is the best next action for me today?

– Who can I call or spend time with who will inspire me?

Pick one of these questions and imagine that it is a sparkly red convertible with the top down or a steady, patient palomino horse with kind eyes and you have a totally free day to explore. The question is going to take you someplace, but you don’t know the final destination. Lean back and enjoy the ride. Listen with your heart, not your head. Look for signs and inspiration. Keep your eyes on the road by bringing your attention back to the question at hand, not the distractions all around.

Do you have any other suggestions for great inner questions? Please share your comments below!

Here are some photos of India, words to follow at some point when I have them!