The Importance of Sacred Time

Written by Leahanne Woods Smith

What are you doing with your time?

It’s easy to get bogged down with endless duties that take a lot of time. It’s also easy to use our precious time doing time wasting activities when we could be doing something truly nourishing for us. It’s all a choice in the moment. It’s so important for us to be mindful of using our time for sacredness as much as possible.

Sacred time is when we are doing the activities that light up our life. Examples of sacred time include, but are not limited to, meditating, writing, doing an art project you’ve been dreaming of doing, sex, group discussions, and activities that lead to self discovery. And, sometimes the best sacred time is simply time spent alone not doing.

Examples of wasting time could be scrolling through Facebook, getting caught up in gossip, spending time with people who already served their purpose with you through force of habit, or out of fear of change. There are times when we feel disconnected from where we can change because we have been wasting too much time. When we do this we begin to feel like we cannot trust ourselves to make good decisions. We lose self esteem this way.

Staying aware of staying in sacred time as much as possible builds our self confidence. And, every act we do in taking time for ourselves to be in sacredness puts another notch onto the pole of self-trust. The further we climb the more we can see. Our intuition becomes more present for us because we are more present. This is like opening our own door to ourselves and out to the world. Here we feel connected and in the flow. Things that we really want seem to come more effortlessly.

Deepak Chopra talks about this in some of his guided meditations, or in his talks about how we actually gain more knowledge and clarity through effortlessness. It is often our instinct to press harder, and give more effort. But, it is through the softest opening that the most power comes through.

Through staying aware and making more sacred time, the effortless pleasures and gifts come. It is just as when a woman lets go of her fear that she cannot get pregnant, she gets pregnant. And, when we go on a journey with a likeminded group to learn and experience more of life, we are in sacred time. Here is where we will have multitudes of realizations and signs that lead to many of the answers that our soul has asked. Here is where we feel limitless and most alive!

In sacred time, gifts of direction comes. This is our intuition. What is natural in us is revealed. It is revealed to us through our allowing it. We allow it through acceptance. Through more acceptance, more capacity for self compassion comes. Self compassion is a choice. We can make the choice to love ourselves everyday to stay within sacred time.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we can choose to love ourselves no matter if our image fits the standards of what looks good to others or not.

When we go to bed, and when we wake up in the morning, we can choose to lovingly hold our bodies and love them to life. This is another way to ensure more awareness, and sacred time. Our bodies hold so much wisdom. They will tell us by feel when we are in sacred time, and when we are wasting time.  Stay close. Listen close.

May we honor ourselves by staying in sacred time more often!

What gives you pure joy?
Do more of that!?❤?

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