Welcome to the Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast, inspired by my bestselling book Warrior Goddess Training.

Let the inner revolution begin.

Let’s get free. Free of shame. Free of fear. Free of limitations. Free to choose. Free to be the brightest, most audacious, brilliant, creative, present, connected, spacious warrior goddess you can be.

Tune in to be inspired to celebrate your freedom… The freedom to make mistakes without punishing yourself endlessly. The freedom to laugh when you take something personally. The freedom to embody the patience you need to rewire your thinking. The freedom to do your best, without judgment. The freedom to find stillness in the chaos. The freedom to love yourself fully. The freedom to soar.

From my revolutionary heart to yours. Let’s get free and give back.

In this episode of Warrior Goddess Revolution I'm joined by two of my most favorite people, my friends Jesikah and Thom. We've known each other for decades, and together we muse about how we all grew up together, what our main influences were, what we've learned from our journey from our 20's to our 50's. An intimate, sweet, and sometimes vulnerable conversation.

In Episode 2 I'm joined by Sarina Harz and Adelee Mirelez for a lively, story-filled exploration of what true, authentic power is and is not.

Sarina and Adelee are both part of our Warrior Goddess Leadership team.

Sarina: https://www.facebook.com/sarinaharz

Adelee: https://www.coachadelee.com/

Learn more about our community at http://www.warriorgoddess.com

In the first episode of Warrior Goddess Revolution we explore:

  • What does it mean to be a Warrior Goddess?
  • Why our personal freedom is critical to crafting a new planetary paradigm
  • How to combine clarity and compassion with our creativity and courage
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