Influences and Purpose

My main influence has been Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of I‘ve also learned European shamanism, and people that have influenced me have been Vicky Noble and Peggy Dylan, my fire walking mentor and each of them has given me a different piece to bring forward the teachings that I bring and also my biggest teacher, which is life. My work is around practical guidance for people — how to take things from concept, or thinking about them, to actually applying them in their lives.

I’ve found it’s really easy for us to have great ideas, or read books and be inspired by something, but that what really creates change is when we’re able to take the information, digest it and then apply it to our specific experiences in life. One of my biggest passions is helping people to make that shift.

I’ve found that when working with both beginners, people that have may have very little experience on a spiritual path or healing path, that are just being inspired to want to make some changes in their lives, and also with a lot of people that have been on a healing path or path of awareness for thirty, forty or fifty years, but that haven’t found the tools to help them bridge spirit in the physical world.