Letting go

By Noel Nguyen, Warrior Goddess Facilitator

There are a few people who misunderstand the meaning of “Letting Go” or “Let Go.” I want to be clear that Letting Go is different for everyone. It depends on where you are on your path, journey, and self-discovery. It does not mean let go of your family, friends, commitments, and be selfish or self-centered. It is quite the opposite of that. Please continue to read so that I may help you understand what I mean.

Sometimes there are certain words or actions that may cause a deep trigger deep within you that causes a mental or physical response. Maybe, just maybe you have an unconscious agreement that you may or may not be aware of causing you pain. For example, If I say to you “you are not good enough” does that resonate deep inside you. Just like if I were to tell you “Just Let it Go” does that make you feel like you are not taking ownership of the issue or that it is not important to you?

In HeatherAsh Amara’s books Warrior Goddess TrainingThe Toltec Path of Transformation, and Warrior Goddess Way they will help teach you about conscious and unconscious agreements, repetitive patterns, stories you have been telling yourself. She will help teach you the tools and techniques to let go of the old stories, agreements, judgements, and triggers that are causing you to be stuck in a certain way of thinking. 

When we say “Let Go” it is letting go of the false beliefs that you are not enough, that you are not loved, that the old stories and agreements you used to tell yourself are true maybe are not. Let me give you an example to make sure I am telling the story properly. 

I was abandoned at birth during the end of the Vietnam war. I could choose to tell myself one story that would say “I am not good enough, I am not worthy of love, and I am like trash.” Then if I were to live my life with this story I was telling myself I may not have healthy relationships, maybe addictions, or maybe worse and cause mental and/or physical pain to myself.

Alternatively, I could choose a different way. I could learn to “Let Go.” I could learn to let go of the beliefs and I could start to change my story. I was given up for adoption so that I could have a better life. My mother chose to sacrifice her own daughter hoping that I could have a better life without Communism, War, and Poverty. I must have been very important to make a sacrifice like this to give me my best chance. I am so worthy of the best life I could possibly have. I am so worthy of loving myself and others because I am someone special. I am a gift to myself, life, and others. 

What I do choose to do is “Let Go” of the belief and old story that I have been telling myself for years. What this does not mean is that now that I know what I need to release and let go that I am releasing my family, husband, or any other obligations.

What it does mean is that I am releasing that old energy that has been stuck. I am releasing those false stories and negative energy inside. I am open to receive new stories, beliefs, and opportunities. I will be able to be more than I can imagine when I free myself from these old stories, patterns, and beliefs. I am more open to love myself and others and be the best wife, mother, and friend.

Please don’t make assumptions on others and where they are at in their journey. This journey is about where we are inside us and only us. It is not a competition and it is not a cult or religion. It is about being the best you possible with some tools and techniques that will help you discover the best you there can be for you. And in the end it will be better for you and your family and friends.