It’s Almost Time to Create a Massive Joy Celebration!

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It’s the last two months of book pregnancy before Warrior Goddess Way is birthed into the world, and I’m looking for some good midwives to help this new baby arrive with celebrations all across the country. Because what is more fun than having a reason to bring your best girlfriends together, meet new friends, get free stuff, AND be one of the first people to get a hot-off-the-press copy of Warrior Goddess Way?

Party In A Box!

This is an educational week you do not want to miss! During this course you will develop a personal and deep relationship with the fire providing you with full confidence to lead others in this amazing and transformational seminar. Imagine the astonishment, the joy, and the life changing experience you can provide, which will be reflected on the faces of your students.

We will be staying at the Dreaming House, a sacred space that is only a fifteen minute walk from the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon.

This week is suitable for beginners and for experienced trainers desiring to add the firewalk to an existing seminar. It is crafted as a week of personal transformation and will also meet the needs of professional coaches who only offer the best to their clients and corporate groups. Even the most demanding trainers will be satisfied with this week of in-depth knowledge that is stamped with excellence and integrity. It is, in short, the best and most complete education you can receive.

When you graduate you will have at your fingertips all the resources of the SUNDOOR firewalk graduate body and the support of the Sundoor office to help guarantee the success of your groups. Amaze yourself with this training and build the foundation for a life of wonder, success and contribution.

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Inspire people to move past their limitations with the most transformative tools in the world!

Host a Warrior Goddess gathering anytime between October 14th and October 24th

When you host a Warrior Goddess Way launch party by purchasing 10 or more copies of the book you will get a free “party in a box” which in addition to the books includes:

In each Warrior Goddess party box you’ll be gifted:

  • A menu sampling of ideas for ceremony, questions, and interactive experiences you can share with your group
  • A set of deep, fun, inquisitive, opening questions you can share to break the ice
  • Recipe ideas
  • Special hand-signed bookplates
  • Warrior Goddess Way bookmarks
  • The new Warrior Goddess creed
  • A link to a 10-minute welcome video with HeatherAsh to create a focus and raise the energy for your group
  • A live – just for your group – five-minute Facetime connection with HeatherAsh
  • and more!

We are ordering 500 books straight from the printers, so you’ll get your books before they are available anywhere else!


Warrior Goddess Launch Party box with 5 books – $111 plus $20 priority shipping

Warrior Goddess Launch Party box with 10 books – $222 plus $40 priority shipping

Warrior Goddess Launch Party box with 15 books – $333 plus $50 priority shipping

That comes to around $13 per book, a discount of almost $6 per book!

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We have limited Warrior Goddess party boxes available

please reserve your box by 9/30/16.

5 Books


10 Books


15 Books