Ferocious Love: How to be a Warrior During Challenging Times

During this unsettled time let's cultivate our inner resources, ignite our courage, and creatively step up to the plate of conscious action and transformation.

Here's the truth: We can use any challenge to strengthen and focus us, or any challenge to deflate and defeat us.

Get support moving past fear and grounding into love and creative action.

Be supported by a group of heart warriors learning how to choose centered, authentic presence over fear, drama, and staying small.

This is a journey to being OPEN-HEARTED AND CLEAR

In this five-part series with HeatherAsh Amara and guest teacher Mary Nicosia you will:

  • Get new guidance with the Warrior Heart Code, seven sacred agreements to transform your life.
  • Learn what it means to take radical responsibility (Hint: It is not self-punishment or blame!)
  • Explore why play is so important to the warrior of the heart (especially now)
  • Release the past so you can be ready and fluid in the present
  • Learn a practical tool to clear and align your emotions, mind, and intent

This 5-part weekly series contains the foundational teachings of The Warrior Heart Practice book, and invites you to deepen your relationship with yourself while you claim your personal intent and inner power. Everyone welcome.

Ferocious Love will be offered live and recorded, so you have choice of how to participate. There will be ample time for questions and sharing. Plus, you’ll get practical tools for navigating these times, coming back to your center, and learning how to stabilize active, compassionate, fierce love in your being.

Each weekly class also includes a short homework assignment, so you can take the teachings into your daily life and practice them between sessions.

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An overview -

Week 1: Introduction to Being A Warrior of the Heart

  • What does ferocious love look like; unconditional living 101

Week 2: Emotional Healing

  • Clear out the past and befriend the wisdom of your emotional body

Week 3: Untangling Harmful Stories and Beliefs

  • Learn what is yours, what is others, and how to heal your disaster mind

Week 4: Stepping into the power of Truth

  • Replacing confusion with clarity and pain with peace

Week 5: Navigating Life from Love

  • Live from your whole heart, no matter what

Are you ready for change?

Be a Warrior of Love, not a worrier from fear

  • What is this?

Ferocious Love is an online program that runs from June 10th through July 8th. 

  • How does it work?

Each week there will also be a live teaching call with me at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT. Each live call will be recorded and both the audio and video recordings will be posted to program’s membership page the day after by 12 pm CT. During each week’s call I will also share exercises that will assist you in taking the teachings more deeply into your life. 

The program page in our membership portal will be released to you the morning of June 10th.

  • Will the live calls be recorded?

Yes, all of the live calls will be recorded.  These recordings will be uploaded and shared with you via email by 12pm CT the following day. For our live calls we use a fantastic program called Zoom which allows us to see each other and interact in a really beautiful way.

  • How much is it?

Due to the pandemic and how stretched we all are my goal is to make this program accessible to as many folks as possible so I’m offering a sliding scale payment plan. There are multiple payment options starting at $5 and going up to $147. Please be as generous as you can. If you can afford to pay one of the higher amounts please do so, this will allow me to give it to as many people as I possibly can. Can’t do the $5? Email us at hello@warriorgoddess.com.

Replace Fear with Respect

Be supported

Ferocious Love: How to be a Warrior During Challenging Times begins Wednesday, June 10th and runs for five weeks. Each week you'll get potent tools for transformation that you can start using immediately.

Join now - Registration options vary from $5 to $147

You'll get the 5 weekly live sessions with me and recordings of each of our live calls together, an online community, AND my team and I will be answering any questions or shares weekly in our closed Facebook group.