As love revolutionaries we can find creative, joyful acts of care and compassion to share with those around us.

How can you creatively share an act of kindness, compassion, or guerrilla art of love? Here's a resource guide of self care tips as well as some fun and creative ways to love bomb your community.
Let’s be Love Revolutionaries, walking towards right action, compassion and presence. ~ HeatherAsh Amara

I dedicate May 1st to be Warrior Goddess Day. I invite you to join me and our global Warrior Goddess community in being a Love Revolutionary for yourself. How do you give radical self love to YOU? How can you bring loving care to every moment? Weave a tapestry of magic and miracles, pleasure and play, into an epic romance with yourself. And when your cup runneth over and you have extra energy to Give Back, Be a Love Revolutionary in your community. Join us in thoughtful acts of service, kindness, compassion and generosity. Open your heart to all beings and spread love. Many are struggling every day in silence and a smile or kind words can support another in immeasurable ways. Be a light to another and spread love everywhere you walk.

Throughout the month of May, please share with us the myriad of ways that you LOVE your whole being, in all your glorious forms, through delicious meals, journaling, movement, sacred space and bath times. And share the ways you spread light and love, in the world with random acts of kindness, compassion, and deeds of thoughtfulness. Let’s love bomb the world.

May 1st, 2020  – Global Warrior Goddess Healing Meditation

On Wednesday, May 1st I shared a healing meditation with our Warrior Goddess community. You can watch the meditation now by clicking the button below.

How Can You be a Love Revolutionary?

Download the PDF here!

For Yourself 

The love revolution begins with you.  Sacred Self Care is about the gift of the most exquisite, impeccable love and care that you can possibly give to yourself.  It’s about coming home to your body and asking “how can I nurture and nourish you with tenderness, Sweetheart?”

For Your Community

Kindness is the most important tool to spread love amongst humanity.  Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. How can you practice random acts of kindness and/or  acts of service to your community?

  • Send a love letter to a friend or a stranger.
  • Buy someone a gift certificate.
  • Donate to a charity (even $1 helps.)
  • Put art up on your windows to share with your neighbors
  • Build a natural altar art-piece in a community space.
  • Tip extra
  • Say thank you to the person at the grocery store or online.
  • Paint rocks and leave them on walking trails
  • Share a genuine compliment

The world needs your brand of kindness and love, your power, your sacred ritual, your creativity, your quiet presence, your magnificent vision, your charming silliness.

Be Inspired

Together, women in the Warrior Goddess community and I have put together the following creative resources to light you up and inspire you. Below you’ll find links to poetry, quotes, and music. We invite you to use it to let your soul move, emote, and express.


Have a song, quote or poem that you’d like to add to the list? Email it to and we’ll add it to our collection. What brings you to tears in the deep well of grief, inspires you to jump around in joy, or to scream and unleash the pent up anger?


And if you haven’t already, join our Warrior Goddess Women FB group to share your experiences, both of nourishing yourself and nurturing those around you.




I think most of us have struggled in one way or another, at times in our life. It fills my heart when I am able to give back in a form that would have been helpful, when I was in need. Like making a donation to a domestic violence shelter. And it increases my depth of gratitude for the beauty and abundance, I now have. Warrior Goddess Day is a way I can share my Blessings with another.

~ Heather L.

You never know how an unexpected surprise, an expression of kindness or beauty, can change the course for another. A person may not be able to see the magic in their life, until someone unexpectedly touches their heart. I am proud to be a Love Revolutionary.

Cassie P.

A Note About Saviorism

Saviorism is when we believe and practice acts of service that we think will “save” people from their situation. Oftentimes, we have both conscious and unconscious agreements that we know better and are an expert in someone else’s life circumstance and how they should overcome their obstacles. This type of service work is incredibly disempowering and it also sets us up to victimize others. It also creates an “us” versus “them” which separates us rather than creating solidarity and building community. 

We must actively practice to dismantle the places where we’ve been taught we have the power and responsibility to save and fix others. None of us are broken. None of us need saving. We need the love, compassion, and open-heartedness to be ourselves, be seen, and be witnessed. This is the power of the Warrior Goddess revolution. We can bring together the intent and focus of the Warrior and the creativity and openness of the Goddess. We can allow ourselves to let go of these ideas of perfection and showing off how much good we’re doing by simply living wholeheartedly. We practice being free through creating art and making friends even in the face of physical distancing and then giving back through this loop of love revolutionary magic. We have the power to take responsibility for our own well-being and promote community well-being through acts of service in the form of art, love notes, creating beauty, listening, checking in on neighbors, and running errands for those who are vulnerable.