Getting In The Gap

By Leahanne Woods Smith

May we trust and fall into the darkness, in the tunnels. We can trust that this river path will lead us to our gift, deeper than we have traveled before, more within.

During meditation we practice finding the stillness. We look for the gap where there is simply existence.  It is the place where there is no thing, but yet it is everything. It is the entrance to the furthering of life. It is life.

I remember last year when I was at a Warrior Goddess weekend. Our group was led by HeatherAsh, the mama of all things Warrior Goddess, to go deeply into meditation. She told us to find the stillness, and follow the stillness.

I had the best feeling discoveries within other worlds within me. I have access to these worlds. I found that I can discover an infinite number of worlds that are there just existing. And, it changes all the time, just as all things. They are always ready to have me. I am a part of all of this existence, all worlds, and so are you. They exist inside us and throughout all existence. We are it, and it is us☀️.

To find that gap in all things is a huge gift to gift ourselves. This is how we align with life. Ever wondered how people survived prison, chronic pain or illness, or acts of extreme violence? Many times it has been reported that these survivors found a place within themselves where life as it is said to be here ran out, and truth began. They sent themselves into the gap, and let themselves fall into true existence inside. I’m sure you’ve heard of people finding Jesus in prison. From then on they are a new brightly centered person giving and receiving love after this happens.

It matters not what path we take to get there. Any gap of silence will lead us to the place of our light and understanding. We can feel it in our heart when we arrive there. From that point we can open ourselves to the world around us and spread this light, turning on other lights, other hearts everywhere. This is pure life extending pure life, bringing to life more parts of ourselves and each other continuously. This is the definition of heaven to me. I extend my hand out everyday to see if I can reach more of it since I have first seen this truth. I reach out to you here by my words on a post. Take this love, feel into it, and spread!

May we align with all things in our life, continuously finding the new love in through the gaps that are produced there, here, and everywhere everyday!

Find the gap! Follow the silence!