finding spirit’s voice


Written by Dina Tibbs

​Earlier this week I was just getting ready to hit the send button on a blog post that told my story and how I was feeling related to all that is going on right now. It was fierce; no question. It was a resurfacing of things I worked through many years ago, because I have been in a spiritual growth process for decades. I was triggered and I thought I was above being triggered. Before I hit that button my beloved and some teachers gave me some wisdom that I took to heart, and sometimes being an observer does not mean being meek, but means I am standing in my power and listening to spirit.

In many spiritual traditions you learn that this life is an experiment, it is an illusion; the lens of perception and experiences that we see through creates our stories, but it is not our spirit’s voice. It is not who we are; it does not have to be our story.

It is easy to let the current political environment and rhetoric steer us from our sacred assignment. Fear, anger, distress, even joy for those who feel like things are going in the right direction, and all of the other emotions we are feeling right now are all valid, and are for many of us a wake up call, a message from spirit that perhaps we fell asleep behind the wheel. What we do with those messages from our spirit is where the rubber meets the road.

You may have heard the saying:

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience. “

Nothing could be more true. What experience will your spirit have in this life? What is your sacred assignment? Getting quiet and listening….truly listening to the answer is the first step to living in alignment, and not letting any of these stories that are not yours steer you from your path.

I often struggle with the response to the question “What do you do?” when meeting new people. My wonderfully wise spiritual mentor Santi Devi said the response should always be:

“I do being human.”  

The practices I study and that I teach to other women are not exclusive to women (although that is who I work with and they are practices that women do not find easy), and they are not exclusive to men, they are exclusive to humans. The Toltec traditions and shamanic traditions, from which these practices come, are designed to awaken humanity to their spirit’s voice.

My spirit’s voice is telling me that while I could have spoken out fiercely and engaged in a lot of heated discussion, the result would be that my energy would be severely depleted and it would not serve to keep me going on my sacred assignment, which is to help women awaken, find their own spiritual voices and birth their own stories. To be in service to as many women who need my help in doing so. I am a creator, a midwife of spirit, a weaver. This is how I serve humanity.

The time is now to embrace each other as sisters and humans, and come together in community.

If you are a woman in Denver and you would like to learn how to:

·      Witness and listen to yourself deeply
·      Love all of your being
·      Find your voice
·      Discover and release the agreements that no longer serve you
·      Re-write your story
·      Become the creators of your lives

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