Tending to Our Grief and Being Embodied with Matthew Stillman

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HeatherAsh Amara

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During this chat with one of my dear friends, Matthew, we talk about being weird, living embodied in the trauma of the Western world, and metabolizing grief in our bodies. We also explore how to be with our pleasure, direct our sexual energy, and hold the grief as well as the joy with tenderness.

Meet Matthew Stillman

Matt Stillman has made a long career out of using his inherently inquisitive and exploratory nature to find creative, sustainable solutions to complex problems. He has worked for years in diverse arenas to create and discover deeper connections with both the people he interacts with and the community in which he resides.

As a former Food Network executive, Matt brought such groundbreaking shows as Iron Chef and Good Eats (and many others) to American audiences.

Matt has been inspired and influenced by the Paleo and Primal philosophy and diet since 2004, and began doing Crossfit in 2008. Fascinated by ancestral health, reclaiming old food and health pathways, Matt has a deep relationship with the small-scale farmers from which he gets most of his food.


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