February 8th, 2021

Candlemas and Navigating the Inbetween

Yesterday I woke up feeling defeated, frustrated, and just done with everything.

Hey sweetheart, what is up? I asked myself. What do you need?

As I sat in meditation I opened space to simply listen. That’s when I realized I was perfectly in synch, even in my funk.

You see, today is the cross-quarter day of Imbolc, the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. (In the southern hemisphere you are at the crossroads between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox.)

February 2nd, also known as Candlemas, in the earth-based traditions of the ancestors was a time of reckoning and drawing on your reserves. Winter still has a strong hold on the land, even as we turn towards the Spring. At this time we stop to consider: what food do we need to save to get us through until the next planting and harvest cycles? How do we sustain ourselves through the darkness to come? The light may be growing each day, but how do we make it through the cold and barren time?

Yesterday I felt the weight of the unknown and the wobble of unease within myself and in the collective. I let the tears flow as I opened to my craving for “normalcy…” I just want to be able to gather in groups. I want to hug people. I want to not have to make hard decisions based on every-changing variables. I want to live in a just, fair, community, diversity-celebrating and earth-respecting compassionate world.

As I opened to the tears and tightness and embraced it all, the circle of my holding reminded me of the larger embrace life. That’s when I started laughing

Of course. Candlemas. Being between; not in the darkest part of winter, but no where near the warmth of spring.

We are all in so many in-betweens at this time: we have a vaccine but no guarantee that the virus won’t mutate and negate our efforts to contain its expansion. In the United States we have a new administration, but no quick fixes for economic and polarization, or systemic inequality and racism. Many of us are in-between. liminal spaces… relationships, jobs, paychecks, or homes.

So today, to keep our flames lit and or courage high, I invite you to join me in calling in the goddess of the day: Brigid, the triple-goddess of smith crafting, poetry, and healing. 

Let’s explore Brigid’s fiery qualities and how they can help us stay sustainable, sane, and self-aware in the in-betweens. Below I link each of her qualities to the three main areas of Warrior Goddess transformation: Intent, Inspiration, and Intuition.


INTENT- Smith crafting 

As a fire goddess, Brigid is connected to that art of smithing, or metal work. Imagine the importance of the smith to a community: using fire to magically craft tools from molten liquid to solid. Our intent, or focus, allows us to alchemize even the most difficult raw materials into something beneficial. We can learn to forge change within ourselves by learning to use everything in service to our own growth. This is a skill that can be learned; a craft of the heart.

Here’s my Tedx talk from this summer!
In it I explore the potency of our fiery intent:

How to Use Everything to Align with Life (even when you don’t want to)

Scroll forward to 18:40 for my presentation


Ask yourself: Where can I align with my intent and hone my focus?


To keep our fire bright we need to stay inspired, and open to the magic around us. All creativity from poetry to painting, cooking to crafting, and writing to wild dancing are ways to rekindle our inner flame. Make sure you take time each day to kindle your fire with your own or another’s creative expression.

Here are a couple of poems to stir and inspire the beat of your heart:

Earthrise – Amanda Gorman, United States National Poet Laureate


Start Close In – David Whyte, author Everything is Waiting for You (thanks Brad!)


Fix You – World Choir (thanks Mom!)


Ask yourself: How can I live my life more as a creative poem? What is the music of my soul that is yearning to be expressed?



Last week I burned myself on my wood stove; one tiny tap against the metal has left a deep, rice-sized gouge on my middle finger. It is important in our healing that we remember that the fire can burn as well as warm. By using our intuition we can listen to what medicine we need to stay sustainable. 

Take precautions to not burn yourself out with worry or trying to force things. Instead spend ample time inviting in your intuitive wisdom through stillness, rest, and reflection.

Ask yourself; what emotional, physical, or mental healing is needed within me today?

This came through my inbox; talk about healing. Thanks, Levis. I cried when I watched…

Beauty of Becoming


Blessed Candlemas, dearest one! Enjoy the resources, and feel free to share what is currently supporting your intent and focus, feeding your inspiration and creativity, and fueling your intuition and healing. I’d love to hear from you.