finding spirit’s voice


Written by Dina Tibbs

​Earlier this week I was just getting ready to hit the send button on a blog post that told my story and how I was feeling related to all that is going on right now. It was fierce; no question. It was a resurfacing of things I worked through many years ago, because I have been in a spiritual growth process for decades. I was triggered and I thought I was above being triggered. Before I hit that button my beloved and some teachers gave me some wisdom that I took to heart, and sometimes being an observer does not mean being meek, but means I am standing in my power and listening to spirit.

In many spiritual traditions you learn that this life is an experiment, it is an illusion; the lens of perception and experiences that we see through creates our stories, but it is not our spirit’s voice. It is not who we are; it does not have to be our story.

It is easy to let the current political environment and rhetoric steer us from our sacred assignment. Fear, anger, distress, even joy for those who feel like things are going in the right direction, and all of the other emotions we are feeling right now are all valid, and are for many of us a wake up call, a message from spirit that perhaps we fell asleep behind the wheel. What we do with those messages from our spirit is where the rubber meets the road.

You may have heard the saying:

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience. “

Nothing could be more true. What experience will your spirit have in this life? What is your sacred assignment? Getting quiet and listening….truly listening to the answer is the first step to living in alignment, and not letting any of these stories that are not yours steer you from your path.

I often struggle with the response to the question “What do you do?” when meeting new people. My wonderfully wise spiritual mentor Santi Devi said the response should always be:

“I do being human.”  

The practices I study and that I teach to other women are not exclusive to women (although that is who I work with and they are practices that women do not find easy), and they are not exclusive to men, they are exclusive to humans. The Toltec traditions and shamanic traditions, from which these practices come, are designed to awaken humanity to their spirit’s voice.

My spirit’s voice is telling me that while I could have spoken out fiercely and engaged in a lot of heated discussion, the result would be that my energy would be severely depleted and it would not serve to keep me going on my sacred assignment, which is to help women awaken, find their own spiritual voices and birth their own stories. To be in service to as many women who need my help in doing so. I am a creator, a midwife of spirit, a weaver. This is how I serve humanity.

The time is now to embrace each other as sisters and humans, and come together in community.

If you are a woman in Denver and you would like to learn how to:

·      Witness and listen to yourself deeply
·      Love all of your being
·      Find your voice
·      Discover and release the agreements that no longer serve you
·      Re-write your story
·      Become the creators of your lives

The Importance of Sacred Time

Written by Leahanne Woods Smith

What are you doing with your time?

It’s easy to get bogged down with endless duties that take a lot of time. It’s also easy to use our precious time doing time wasting activities when we could be doing something truly nourishing for us. It’s all a choice in the moment. It’s so important for us to be mindful of using our time for sacredness as much as possible.

Sacred time is when we are doing the activities that light up our life. Examples of sacred time include, but are not limited to, meditating, writing, doing an art project you’ve been dreaming of doing, sex, group discussions, and activities that lead to self discovery. And, sometimes the best sacred time is simply time spent alone not doing.

Examples of wasting time could be scrolling through Facebook, getting caught up in gossip, spending time with people who already served their purpose with you through force of habit, or out of fear of change. There are times when we feel disconnected from where we can change because we have been wasting too much time. When we do this we begin to feel like we cannot trust ourselves to make good decisions. We lose self esteem this way.

Staying aware of staying in sacred time as much as possible builds our self confidence. And, every act we do in taking time for ourselves to be in sacredness puts another notch onto the pole of self-trust. The further we climb the more we can see. Our intuition becomes more present for us because we are more present. This is like opening our own door to ourselves and out to the world. Here we feel connected and in the flow. Things that we really want seem to come more effortlessly.

Deepak Chopra talks about this in some of his guided meditations, or in his talks about how we actually gain more knowledge and clarity through effortlessness. It is often our instinct to press harder, and give more effort. But, it is through the softest opening that the most power comes through.

Through staying aware and making more sacred time, the effortless pleasures and gifts come. It is just as when a woman lets go of her fear that she cannot get pregnant, she gets pregnant. And, when we go on a journey with a likeminded group to learn and experience more of life, we are in sacred time. Here is where we will have multitudes of realizations and signs that lead to many of the answers that our soul has asked. Here is where we feel limitless and most alive!

In sacred time, gifts of direction comes. This is our intuition. What is natural in us is revealed. It is revealed to us through our allowing it. We allow it through acceptance. Through more acceptance, more capacity for self compassion comes. Self compassion is a choice. We can make the choice to love ourselves everyday to stay within sacred time.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we can choose to love ourselves no matter if our image fits the standards of what looks good to others or not.

When we go to bed, and when we wake up in the morning, we can choose to lovingly hold our bodies and love them to life. This is another way to ensure more awareness, and sacred time. Our bodies hold so much wisdom. They will tell us by feel when we are in sacred time, and when we are wasting time.  Stay close. Listen close.

May we honor ourselves by staying in sacred time more often!

What gives you pure joy?
Do more of that!?❤?

​Lilith: The Original Warrior Goddess 


​by Monette Chilson
As we seek to claim our place in the world as warrior goddesses, we need to look for guidance from those who came before us. So many of our agreements—those that serve us and those that don’t—were transmitted to us through a larger consciousness, one that dates back to the dawn of time.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of that past is recorded as his story (history) rather than her story (herstory). We are missing many of the strong female archetypes who embody the warrior goddess spirit. They may not be well documented, but bits and pieces of them survived because women and men told the stories to each other, weaving threads of goddess warriorship through the tapestry that is humanity.
Whether or not you personally come from a Judaic Christian background, if you live in the Western world, you have absorbed its tenets because they pervade our culture. You may not logically believe that Eve was our female progenitor, but we have been conditioned to accept Eve as our archetypal understanding of the world’s original woman.
Think about what kind of agreements we can inherit from that understanding. Eve being created as a helper for Adam could translate into, “My needs are secondary to my husband or boyfriend’s needs.” Eve’s portrayal as weak and more easily deceived could become an agreement that says, “I can’t trust my instincts because they will lead me and others astray.”
These agreements don’t serve us. We need a new understanding of what it means to be a women. We need to reclaim our ancient archetypes, stating with the lost legend of Lilith.
It turns out that there are two different versions of humanity’s origins in the Bible. In the first, God created men and women together from the same earth. The were co-heirs. In the second, woman was carved out of man’s rib. She was his helper.
Rabbis pondered this and proposed in their midrashic writings that there were two different women. The first one—Lilith—was not interested in submitting to Adam and left the garden, replaced by the more malleable Eve.
While this story does provide an example of a woman who was true to herself despite great pressure to conform to another’s expectations, it did not remain untainted. Instead, it was twisted. Lilith became a monster who was unsuitable to serve of the world’s matriarch. She was demonized, quite literally. Woman took to chanting “Lilith Abi”—Lilith, go away—to keep her from stealing the souls of their babies. All this because she refused to give up her essence to another. Imagine the implications of integrating this idea—that women are not women, but are monsters, for daring to follow their hearts.
So, I put myself in Lilith’s place. I breathed in her spirit and listened, and I wrote what I heard. I wrote a story of a woman who yearned for a loving partnership with a man; who wanted to contribute in meaningful ways to her world; and who struggled mightily with the sacrifice that would be required of her whether she stayed or left. I felt her pain when she made the difficult decision to leave behind the garden and the only man on earth. My heart broke for the way people treated her after she left.
It is not a story that presents the warrior goddess way as simple and painless, but it does present it as one in which a woman is true to her deepest self.
As I reflected on HeatherAsh Amara’s Warrior Goddess Creed (reprinted below), I realized that in Lilith, we have an example to follow. We have an archetypal woman who is aligned with the creed and can illuminate our own path. By reclaiming Lilith, we can reclaim a lost part of ourselves.
Warrior Goddess Creed
I hereby commit fully to embody my Warrior Goddess self.
From this moment forward, I will do my best to:
Love all of my being
Appreciate the beginnings and the endings
Honor my body and my mind as a temple
Stay grounded and present
Cultivate my passions and creativity
Own my strength and vulnerability
Open my heart to all of life
Speak my deepest truths
Listen to the wisdom within
Claim my unique path
And walk the Warrior Goddess Way.
Monette is an award-winning writer whose work celebrates the feminine in God and God in the feminine.
My Name is Lilith (The Girl God, 2017)—part of a series on strong women in mythology and theology—is her first children’s book. Her first book, Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga (Bright Sky Press, 2013), explores how yoga deepens the contemplative spiritual experience. She has contributed to numerous anthologies and has written for Yoga Journal, Integral Yoga Magazine, Elephant Journal, Om Times and Progressive Christianity.    /   @MonetteChilson on Twitter & Instagram

the collective oil is rising: a warrior goddess cry for love and forgiveness


By: Sarina Harz, LMSW, Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, and Darkness Doula
Photo Credit: Elena Ray

As we entered the new year, I was filled with anticipation around how I wanted to feel in 2017. I followed the same magical process I did at this time last year: setting intentions and action plans, cleaning out my closet, filling out my new planner, lighting candles every day while making a wish or prayer, and identifying my Core Desired Feelings. As I wrote the words, I was so excited to be inviting them into my life: Shakti, magical, daring, volcanic, and integrity. Yet, there we were, over a month of the way into 2017 and I wanted to hide under a rock. It wasn’t until the Spring Equinox that I really began to feel into the intentions I set. I have been feeling the attacks on the divine feminine and the Divine Mother and I am outraged. I am simultaneously paralyzed with hopelessness and despair. How can this be happening? Then a friend invited me to re-examine my Core Desired Feelings, “Is that not what you are feeling?” she asked. I took a step back and suspended my judgement for a moment—suspended my assumptions. SHAKTI. MAGICAL. DARING. VOLCANIC. INTEGRITY. She was correct. I am feeling those things, they simply aren’t what I imagined they would look like. These feelings are showing up in the way they amalgamate together. They are fiery and transformative. They also dance with the darkness. There is this nuanced experience about them that I had so conveniently forgotten. The universe was asking me to face the barriers I had in my life via my Core Desired Feelings. It was asking me not to make assumptions and consider the lessons that lay before me. . .the firewalks that lay ahead. It was beckoning me to face my fears around the messiness of being human and walking the warrior goddess way.
What I am experiencing is not unlike what many other people are experiencing around the world. This is not about the election or the new president or anything in particular. This is about the consistent string of wounded energy from all sides. We are bombarded every day with streams of hate, division, and struggle. We are faced with the unraveling of humanity. We are experiencing the rising of the collective oil.
The collective oil is the gunk of things that have been lying dormant. It is the darkness we pretend does not exist in the world. It is covered by plastic smiles of positivity and washed out by fads of “just get over it” and “everything will be alright” with sprinkles of “just love and light”. It’s the spiritual bypassing. In the trenches of each of our souls is the stuff we are ashamed of. It is the playground of our inner judge and victim. Over time, it festers and grows. It continues to collect until we can no longer stand it. HeatherAsh tells a story of a pan of oil. Typically, we refer to this as an individual experience, however as we can see around us, there is also a collective one. As we begin to find our warrior goddess way, we can imagine pure water flowing into our individual containers and this is exactly what we need to do as a collective community now.
Consider this an invitation to face your firewalks. An invitation to see what assumptions you (or we as humans) are holding onto about the barriers before us. An invitation to acknowledge the running gremlin tapes of stories we have made up to put up blocks in our own way. Consider this an invitation to suspend your own worldview, even if just for a moment, to see the humanity in us all—the messiness of fear, love, and passion that drives each of us. It is all energy and at the end of the day, that is all there is. We can use that energy to drive us forward and to raise us up so we will rise from the ashes. You can use the energy to create change in your own life.
It is so frequently forgotten that the elements are our allies, that we can seek solace in them and combine our energy with theirs. I’ve compiled a list of ways to use the elements as allies in our daily lives so that we can prepare for the journey within ourselves and also for the one out into our community to take inspired action in these turbulent times. Here is a short guide on how to breathe some space back into your world and to lighten the weight of the world:
Move. Each day allow your body to experience a range of motion, whether that is stretching, yoga, running, swimming, dancing, etc. Getting into your body is a great way to get out of your head and the stories we tell ourselves. Touch your feet to the earth, feel the air as you run or walk, dive into the water, and feel the burn as you move. Allow yourself to commune with the elements in whatever way feels playful and good.
Hydrate. Drink lots of water to nourish your cells. Our cells are waiting to carrying life deep into our bodies to awaken the wisdom that lies within. Acknowledging Grandmother Ice (Water) while you are drinking her can even deeper your relationship with this nourishing source being.
Get Still. Take time to be still and quiet. Sometimes, having the world in our palms is overwhelming and noisy. Give yourself permission to put down your phone, shut down your computer, close your eyes, and open your intuition. Doing this outside on the ground is a special way to connect with Mother Earth. Open yourself to her wisdom. Listen to the wind as you sit still. What messages does it have for you? Feel the sun on your bare skin. What does Grandfather Fire want to say as you bask in his sunshine?
Forgive. Finally, invite yourself to find forgiveness to all that is hurting. In Warrior Goddess Way, HeatherAsh talks about the wisdom of forgiveness. She describes big forgiveness and small forgiveness. It can be freeing to use the element of water to help you through this process. Allow her to wash away that which is hurting, holding you down, and keeping you in the swamplands of despair. Anytime you wash your hands or shower or clean the house, imagine the water is washing away all the areas where forgiveness is ripe in you. And for all those places you aren’t ready for yet? Love them fiercely for they are trying to keep you safe.
These tips are what keep me grounded and open during these times of uncertainty and chaos. It is my wish that as this collective oil rises we honor it by continuing to lean into the discomfort of this courageous, daring work. We are on this path together and if we can each hold onto the humanity in ourselves by practicing forgiveness and loving everything with our whole heart, perhaps we have a chance of getting this collective oil to continue pouring out to purify our vessel so we can heal our planet and support the divine feminine as she nourishes all of us. 

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