Truth Stands

By:Leahanne Woods Smith

Just as simply and beautifully as these mountains stand, I am.

That’s why there is no reason to hide my truth.  But often I’ve found myself not telling the whole story here, or neglecting my own needs to go with the flow of the norm throughout my life.

Oftentimes, we feel we will be fired, or get in trouble, or get someone else in trouble, hurt someone’s feelings, or we think it would just be too confusing to others and not worth telling. We often grow up thinking that there’s something wrong with us and until we get it fixed, we will hide.  Some even die trying to be accepted, trying to live up to ridiculous expectations that are not right for us, and are not meant for us.

But, the truth is to tell our bare natural truth is what is so needed.  It is needed to liberate us and others, and needed to stand us onto the world just as these mountains stand, naked and free.

Each of us are so unique and important to the world, so it’s necessary to show our deepest truths so that we stand as our deeply needed messages to the world.  We cannot begin to imagine how others will perceive our truth.  There may be hidden symbols that can be seen and understood through us that help unlock mysteries.

At the same time we are not any more important than anyone or anything else.  So, in that respect, we may as well tell our truth.  What are we waiting for?  What are we hiding?  Our Self from our Self?  The world from the world?  We can release our control that we think we have by holding back our truth.  In return we will gain the energy, the extra aliveness, and awareness that we need to fashion our lives to reveal truth in the creative ways that come to us.  This is our our unique expression in the world.  This is the nutrition needed for ourselves to truly live, and grow, and help the world.

May we grow ourselves out with truth budding the way.
May we accept our truth when we erode and change form. 
May we release into our next way of life. 
Let us not hold back, hide, or disguise. 
Let us be free here and now. 
Let us understand. 
Let us live. 
Let us see. 
​Let us stand free.