Transforming Love Through Mirrors

Today, I am being called to discuss a few things with you. First, there is this inner battle within ourselves to judge ourselves and others. I am not judging, shaming, or guilting myself or others for this learned behavior. However, as you transform and awaken yourself into becoming a better human/soul or person; please take the time to read this, even if it is a little uncomfortable.

As you battle your light and dark and try to learn more about Ascension, Feminine and Masculine Divine Energy, Transformation and Alchemy of Love; you will face repetitive patterns, behaviors, feelings, obstacles, and situations until you address and clear them at the deepest level of your self and soul.
We are all mirrors of each other! Have you heard that before? Do you know what that means? Are you judging someone else today? Are you self-imposing your beliefs or expectations on others? Are you jealous and competing with another? Are you able to respect your choice and others for their own choices?

On the Goddess, Transformational, Ascension, Empowerment, and Alchemy of Love and life path we need to recognize that our relationships are MIRRORS. They are powerful reflective mirrors that are reflecting back to us what we need to learn about ourselves. The inner aspects of relationships, behaviors, beliefs, personas, and more are all our own shit to clean up! The MIRROR can be inspiring, I love this amazing strong, powerful, well spoken, beautiful leader. I wish I could be like her, YOU ARE HER! She is reflecting all the things you admire within YOU back to you; that is YOU! When someone gossips, competes, or frustrates you – Find out WHY? What persona or trait are they doing that is actually reflecting something in you that you need to work on yourself? Everyone is a powerful mirror both things that you think are good or you consider bad; all of it is a MIRROR of YOU!

As we get more spiritual or conscious more stuff will rise, more will come up, more patterns, people, situations, that you have not cleaned up deep inside will keep coming back for you to address. You might as well address it now; because it will keep coming back. Those repetitive patterns, old beliefs, old stories, old issues and situations must be addressed at a deeper level of sub-consciousness.

We need to look at all relationships, situations, and patterns as accurate mirrors reflecting what we need to reveal in our own inner process and inner work. These are the things that are difficult for us to learn and face; we repress, push down, or ignore and hope that somehow we will get a different outcome if we just ignore the underlying issues. In fact, at times we get so comfortable in our discomfort that we don’t even realize that our chaos has become our norm.

There are symbols and messages everywhere. The reflection from the mirror can be with every relationship at work, co-worker, boss, neighbors, children, significant others, partners, friends, and family members. Each person reflects important messages and knowledge for us to understand what the mirror is reflecting. If you have a feeling emotional, physical, or mental response that is either positive or negative about someone else or a situation it may be because your MIRROR is telling you to see deeper what is being reflected within you! Pay attention to these signals and find out what the message is for you deep inside your conscious/sub-conscious.

Look around at your own relationships, who are you drawn to, and what aspects are they reflecting back to you?

Who do you admire, love, look up to, and why?

Who are you challenged with and what are they reflecting back to you?

Each person and situation reflect to us where we are in our own process and what defenses we need to dissolve at the time. Keep in mind as you progress through this process different things and people will reflect back to you as you progress through your own things as well. Today, they may be reflecting exactly what you need to address in yourself right now. Be patient, listen, and be aware when you should feel deep inside to what the message is reflecting to you.

What are you reflecting today? What messages will you be telling yourself today?
I choose to reflect Love! I hope you receive the love today I am sending to you