The inner child inside is calling you into the Shadows of yourself

 By Noel Nguyen AKA LotusOmGoddess

The time is now for integrating the shadow work and shadow side of ourselves. The inner child, the ego, the judge – or what ever the name you use for the inner ego vs the outer self. We have been told to find the light to find the way out of the dark, well that is just numbing, refusing to acknowledge to push deeper into the dark shadows of our self. I say, F that! There are lessons in the darkness, the shadow is part of ourselves, it is the balance the yin and the yang that keeps us afloat.

In our visions, dreams, deeper knowing, we feel this impossible place of self judgement that we may or may not know where it comes from. What we need to understand is that we created an unconscious agreement with pain, shame, guilt, and emotional pain from when we were children and don’t even know the agreement has been made.

Somehow we have convinced ourselves we are not worthy of love, we are stupid, we are screw-ups, we are not good enough. We are not capable or worthy of love, we fear abandonment and don’t even know where the abandonment came from. It could be from neglect, substance abused parent, abusive parent/parents, poverty and struggle, or a worse tragedy that we aren’t able to recognize or put the pieces together that this is where the agreement came from.

If we do not address these unknown agreements, we will repeat patterns, we will do the same exact thing that we did before and repeat the same outcome. Nothing is resolved, yet we think we are clear. In the current energy transition the shadow is ready to appear. Listen to your inner child now.

Your inner child is like a stubborn child who needs attention and will shout, cause chaos, and remind you of pain. You need to listen tentatively, address the fears, concerns, give your outer child love, support, trust. The fundamentals that the inner child never felt they had. Somehow we have limited ourselves where we still hold pain and pushed it so deeply we have no idea that it is still under the layers in the deepest shadows. It won’t remain there, we have to release it, acknowledge, forgive, let it go. If we do not, we cannot remove the armor over our heart that is preventing us from truly loving, living, and understanding our true authenticity and self.

We don’t have to relive each experience, but we can go back and get our energy back that we lost. It is in the dark we can see our light and in our light we can see our dark, it is one, it is the yin and yang the balance of both makes us whole. We must learn to love all parts of ourselves no matter how dark and deep they may be. In the end, it is about the lessons that were learned. Why did I choose this lesson, what did I learn, how will it help me or someone else in this lifetime? What was once hidden needs to surface, be acknowledged and integrated into our full being. When it arises, you must see what it is showing you, what did you learn, what was being held back? Now let it go.

Once we can start to explore we can explore our-self deeper, no more shame, guilt, resentment. We learn to love, forgive our self and others. We learn to love unconditionally. The truth will set you free, you must address where your inner child seemed to have created this agreement if you know, sometimes you don’t know, and you have to just listen and and learn to let it go. You are loved, you are worthy, you are beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!