I Showed up

By Noel Nguyen 
AKA LotusOmGoddess

Today, there is a deeper message wanting to be shared with each of you as I type these words on my computer.

Each and every person and soul matter. Each of you are here for a reason. Here is not only in this Tribe page, but also here right now reading this. We are here now for each other for a reason. Each of you may have your own reason, journey, support, voice, and needs. All of it is meant for each of us in a different way; that could change daily as well. 

We are a thread of individuality that shares a collective consciousness and one moment one of us may have the exact words, experiences, or inspiration that may touch someone’s heart, mind, body, or soul and they may need that exact message at that time. That is known as synchronicity. However, there are no accidents and all the synchronicities are available to each of us daily. When we look for the signs, symbols, listen deep within with all of our 6 senses we can see the guides are everywhere helping us on our journey. None of us are ever alone. 

Each of us may be at a different place on our journey and that is ok. You are doing great as you are! No one needs to change you, judge you, or suggest that you be any other way than you are right now. Each of us may not be the same person we were yesterday either and that is ok as well. Each day we have an opportunity to face new challenges as a new person. We are here to support each other in all the ways each of us choose to live our lives; and I honor each of your choices. We honor each other, support, and love one another each and every day. We do not need to compete, judge, gossip, or expect others to be the way we are; we love unconditionally – without expectations and without conditions; open-hearted love! I love you and all that you do daily for yourself and others; you know who you are and what you have offered this world and I bow to you with such love and gratitude. 

Let’s celebrate it all! Celebrate our successes and our not-expected outcomes. Even in the left or right choice on the path that presents itself called life we are still at choice. We have the ability to choose and that is a beautiful place to be. View our options, take some risks, jump into the unknown, and sometimes we will be pleasantly surprised that the paths may still lead to the same place; the surprises or unexpected; sometimes can be just as rewarding if not more valuable in the lessons we receive. You are courageous, brave, and amazing and I honor you each day for all you do. 

For almost a year I attended an amazing program by HeatherAsh Amara called Ignite. It taught so many beautiful tools, techniques, ceremonies, and ways to try different paths in my life that I may not have known or chosen before I walked the path with her in her 9 month program. Each day even when my world around me was shattering to tiny pieces of seedlings that were meant to grow into something unexpected “I Showed Up.” 

I would be an emotional mess, crying, couldn’t speak, but I could say “I showed up.” Each time, HeatherAsh would say “It’s ok sweetie, keep showing up, you are doing great.” Sometimes in life we just have to show up. Even when the lessons may seem like they are not meant for us at this time; a seedling is planted and when we least expect it; we nurture the seedling and it grows. 

Life has unexpected lessons, obstacles, and experiences that we may mindfully prefer not to experience; let me assure you that I have experienced more than my share of those obstacles and I have learned to spread my petals and shine. Sure, some days it may pour rain that is clear as mud and other days it may shine rainbows with treasures everywhere we look. It is how we choose to perceive each of those opportunities that makes a difference. I choose to show up. How can you show up today? Are you open to receive? What gifts do you have to offer or give today? I invite you to try not to analyze every step and decision and sometimes try to do the opposite of your normal behavior; you may surprise yourself on this journey called life. May the unexpected pleasantly surprise you with glorious gifts in this amazing journey called life.

Much love and light to each of you!