Freeing your inner fire to burn brightly. No matter what.

How to use everything (yes, everything!) in your life as your teacher and guide
By: HeatherAsh Amara

​Your inner fire is the vital energy within you, the unseen force that gives life to your being. When you take a moment to stop, get quiet, and feel deep within yourself, on a level deeper than thought, you will find this energy waiting and powering you through every moment in your life.

One thing has become clear to me as I have studied my own inner energy over the past several years. I have found that our thoughts, feelings, and actions can all affect our inner energy, and other people’s energy can also have an influence. It can be very difficult for us to keep our inner fire alight with so much pressure. One simple litmus test to see if what you’re pursuing is helping or hindering your inner fire is to evaluate how you feel when you’re in the process of doing something, thinking, or on the receiving end of any particular action. What you will find is that when you are doing things that resonate with your inner energy, the result will be that you feel good. When you neglect you inner fire energy, or otherwise do something that doesn’t resonate with it, you feel, well . . . not so good.

Some of the biggest drains on our energy are stress, fear, anxiety, and getting overwhelmed, as well as the underlying “not enough” monster. Conversely, through the experience of joy, faith, peace, love, passion, and, most importantly, the realization that you are enough, you raise your inner energy.
~ ~ From my upcoming book Awaken Your Inner Fire, Lesson 2  

So how do we shed the stress, soothe the anxiety, and silence the “you are never going to be enough” voice?

• Do more of what you love to brighten your inner fire
• Face your obstacle courageously to steady your inner fire
• Dissolve the beliefs, actions, and thoughts that dampen your inner fire
• Rest into stillness to hear the wisdom of your inner fire

But first, you must befriend your inner fire. Get to know the vital flame that fuels your life. Pay attention to what dampens your inner fire and explore what ignites your inner fire.

Keep your focus on your internal world: saying “your behavior is dampening my inner fire” makes you a victim of other people’s actions, which you actually have no control over. But you do have control over your inner reactions and choices. When your inner fire is well-tended and burning brightly you’ll be less affected by other people’s emotions, behaviors, and reactions. You may not like how other people are acting, but from your centered connection to your inner fire you’ll be able to make clear, conscious choices that nourish you, and ultimately everyone around you. In fact, you’ll learn how to see everything, (yes, everything!) in your life as your teacher and your guide.

In the coming days I’ll be sharing chapter by chapter excerpts and teachings from the new book and insights on how to awaken your inner fire. Let’s get fired up and burn brightly, beloveds!

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