Daenery’s Targaryen – Unburnt

By Noel Nguyen (AKA LotusOmGoddess)

It is taking full responsibility and it starts with “each persons story” from the eyes of victim to change the view from the lessons we have learned in life and to look into the brutal honesty and truth and take the responsibility of our own roles we played.

I am feeling that deep within the story that I have allowed myself to live has so much more depth and ownership, responsibility, and truth that I have to write it out as a victim then rewrite it out as lessons learned and the roll I played. All of it. Not the story we tell ourselves or others, but the brutal truth of it all.

For example: we may hide the shame, the guilt, the euphoria even in the worst situation and then blame ourselves. I have found that consent is so much deeper and so much more than saying “yes” because of coercion or the “what I should do as a good girl” it is not consent if after we hold guilt and shame to the role we played. Was the choice really something we would choose if the choice was 100% our own, not guilt-ed, coerced or expected to be a certain outcome. Maybe we changed our mind, maybe we did not really want what we thought we wanted, in the end…we are at choice. What is your choice? What would you have chosen differently?

Recently, I have realized that there are times I play the role even when I don’t want to. Maybe because it is what seems to be the expected. Maybe because I am still trying to find my voice. One of the worst questions I disliked receiving was “what do you want”, “what do you need”, just “tell me what you want”. Those questions would cause a lump in my throat, the be quiet no one wants to hear you, or keep this a secret.

But the deeper knowledge and seeded pain came long ago. Now we are just continuing the cycles and calling it something different, like we are adults now and are at choice, and we are able to choose what we want and don’t want. Is it that easy? NO!!! These patterns, these thoughts are so ingrained deep at our core. These are in the depths of our shadow. Shadow work is HARD! It is not easy. You need to be willing to dive deep into the muck and own it. If you want help, please ask.

I love Daenery Targaryen – Unburnt, she walks into the fire, traps herself in, and knows that she will come out stronger, and birth something amazing! In this analogy, she birthed 3 Dragons. The animal totem and mythical creature that she creates in the death and rebirth through the fires is so significant and amazing!

The Dragon Animal Totem Symbolism is powerful and dynamic spiritual totem with a wide range of qualities, attributes, and lessons to be a taught. Dragons symbolize strength and courage and come to us when we require these abilities most. Like Daenery, this was her initiation and catalyst to become the Queen, Warrior, and Fierce Force that she became.

Dragon’s embody a powerful animal that utilizes and masters all the physical elements of fire, wind, water, and earth.

What will you rebirth this Winter? What is hiding in the shadows that needs to be revealed for you to live the life you are meant to live? The Dragon spirit guide symbolizes the primal power, mystery, ancient history, and the hidden mysteries of the world. The Dragon Symbol calls upon us to look inside ourselves and view the world from a more mystical and adventurous perspective. It encourages us to dive deep, burn what does not serve us any longer, communicate what we want and need. Dive into our unconscious and find out what is hidden and needs to be brought to the surface. To sit with the pain, hurt, choices, and learn the lessons from a place of gratitude and responsibility.

I honor you in your bravery, journey, choices, and your life. You are the magical powerful Sovereign Queen of your own Realms! How will you rule your domain? What good luck and fortune will you rebirth into the spring?

Happy Hibernation my loves XOXO!